Crizal Lenses Cost

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Crizal®, a branded name of an anti-reflective coating applied to your optical lenses, are known to provide a smoother finish to the lens, which can help reduce glare and make it harder for dust and water to adhere to the surface.

Known as the industry standard for lens coating, created by Essilor, the world’s largest lens company, in comparison to other brands, Dr. Jeff Pinkerton notes Crizal® performs comparably to other anti-reflective coating brands.

The company recommends the coating for computer users, photographers, drivers, students, professionals, children and sports enthusiasts to name a few.

Crizal Lenses Cost
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How much do Crizal® lens cost?

The cost of Crizal® lenses will depend on where you purchase them, which lenses you buy, the type of Crizal® coating and if you plan on using your vision insurance.  The costs of Crizal® lenses will be added to the cost of the lenses, meaning you will have to pay an additional $100 to $200 more, on average, aside from your total lenses cost.  If your lenses cost around $150 and a Crizal® coating cost another $150, then your total would be about $300.  As you can see, a variety of factors need to be factored in, such as the lenses you are prescribed, the optometrist you choose and again, the type of Crizal® coating you choose.  From most of the quotes we read online, the coating alone will cost about $85 to $150~, not factoring in the lens, frames and eye exam.

According to this forum thread, forum members discussed the prices they had paid for the additional Crizal® coating.  One member said the coating cost him an extra $154, while another said they paid $400 for Crizal® Prevencia progressives with an anti-glare coating, scratch resistant and purple tint.

This price list on, for example, notes that a Crizal Avance UV coating will cost about $82, while an Easy UV coating will cost about $68.  Again, keep in mind this is a coating charge that is applied to your frame and lens charge.

Via another list on, the costs of the Crizal coatings they offer, range from $109 to $139, depending on the type.

Crizal Prevencia™Blocks out harmful blue light while allowing the beneficial blue-turquoise light to pass through.
Crizal Avance™An enhanced scratch resistance lens that is also able to repel dust and water for clearer vision.
Crizal Alize UV®Smudge resistance, keeping your lenses cleaner for longer than average.
Crizal Easy UV™As an entry-level product, it's easier to clean and will come with scratch resistance features.
Crizal Kids™Offers UV protection, designed specifically for kids.
Crizal Prevencia Kids™Protect overexposure from blue-violet light, often caused by digital devices.
Crizal SunShield™Introduced for sunglasses, providing a double-sided hardcoat and backside integrated multi-layer and anti-reflective coating stack.
Crizal Sapphire™Advanced UV, scratch and anti-reflective protections, featuring cleaning abilities that prevent fingerprints, water and smudge marks.

The benefits of Crizal®

Blue-violet light protection:  Some of the Crizal® products can block up to 20 percent of blue-violet light from reaching your eyes.

Glare reduction:  Whether it’s a glare from night-time driving or while playing on your tablet, Crizal® lenses can help alleviate this concern for those who use digital devices and/or drive at night more often than most.

Repels dust:  All Crizal® products are designed to reduce dirt, smudges and water overall, but the Avancé UV™ and Sapphire® 360° UV and Prevencia® brands can decrease dust buildup as an application of an anti-particulate layer is applied between the anti-reflective layers to give the lens an anti-static property.

Repels water:  The top layer of some Crizal® products, specifically the Alizé UV™, Avancé UV™, Sapphire® 360° UV and Prevencia®, will allow the rain to roll right off the lens.

Resists smudges:  The HSD process can repel smudges due to the high-density oleophobic molecules located on the lens.

UV protection:  One benefit, as compared to other coatings, is the backside UV protection.  This backside of other anti-glare lenses has been shown to allow UV light to reflect from the back and the sides, directly into the eye, increasing the UV exposure to the eye.  All Crizal® products, according to the company, offers backside UV protection.

Tips to know

The warranty will vary among the professional you choose, so be sure to ask before your purchase to know how you’re protected.  From what we did research, the average warranty seemed to be in the two-year range.

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