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Crunchyroll claims to be the world’s largest destination for everything anime and manga, boasting a global community of more than 40+ million users and more than 1 million subscribers as of this publishing.

Founded by a group of UC, Berkeley grads in 2006, the company is known for its anime such as manga, live-action dramas and Naruto Shippuden, according to

While the service is available for free with limitations, there’s a premium version that allows members to watch content ad-free with access to simulcasts immediately after its Japanese broadcast.

How much does a Crunchyroll subscription cost?

At the time of this publishing, the company had three membership plans available:  a $6.95 monthly plan, $19.95 three-month plan and $59.95 annual plan.  The company, as per its pricing page, also offers a free two-week trial for all new incoming members.  To purchase, you can either do so via Paypal or a credit card.

The free version, if you decide to not become a premium member, will offer ads and the video quality is subject to 480p, plus, to keep it free, free members are also limited to the choices in the inventory, with most episodes, according to, being about 20 minutes long, with three ad breaks per episode.  While it can be free per se, the “free” account will be quite limited in comparison to the premium option.

What’s included in a premium subscription?

The company notes that with a premium membership, you will receive access to the newest episodes of your favorite shows, all ad-free in HD.  In addition to access to the company’s entire lineup, premium members also receive VIP customer service and discounts to the online store.

Today, according to, Crunchyroll, has more than 800 anime in its roster, with popular shows included such as Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Super, Yuri on Ice, My Hero Academia, Blue Exorcist,  Naruto Shippuden, One Piece and many niche shows such as Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Fuuka, Schoolgirl Strikers, and Kemono Friends.  All of these shows will have subtitles and will not be available in English, meaning you will have to read during the shows.  As mentioned, you can view the shows one hour after the original time in Japan.  To date, there are more than 25,000 streaming episodes available.

Every 30 days, premium members are able to give two 48-hour guest passes to friends to let them test the experience.

Tips to know

As long as you have an Internet-connected device, you can use the service on Apple TV, iOS, Android, Wii U, Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation, Windows Phone, Roku, Amazon Fire and Kindle Fire.  Aside from these options, Crunchyroll can be played on any Internet browser as well.

In LifeHacker’s comparison with Funimation, they recommend Crunchyroll for those who want the hottest and newest shows and do not mind the subs.  If you’re not into the niche anime shows and hate reading subtitles, then the website recommends you consider Funimation instead, a similar service offered at almost identical prices.

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