How Much Does a Curfew Ticket Cost?

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The most common curfew ticket applies to those who are under 18 years old.

For example, this age group may not be allowed to drive after 10 p.m, although the time may be different from city to city.

Failing to obey curfew hours can result in a ticket, which could lead to points on your record or a suspended license.

Usually, a curfew for adolescents requires them to be off from the city streets, in a park, in a parked or moving vehicle, or in any other public place from 11 o’clock at night until 5 o’clock in the morning.   This code is in effect for those who are under the age of 18.  However, those who are 16 to 18 years old can typically stay out later than those under the age of 16.  Again, all states will have different laws.

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How much does a ticket cost for being out past curfew?

Depending on the state, the judge and the number of offenses you have on your record, most curfew tickets are going to be anywhere from $10 to $500.  A ticket in California, for example, can be up to $400 while another state could have a limit of $200.  Most first time offenses are less than $200, however.  To receive an exact fine quote, it’s best to contact your local police department and the court system for more information.

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for instance, a citation for a first through a third offense can be up to $200 and then up to $500 for subsequent offenses, but this fine can be much more in different cities throughout Pennsylvania.

A lawyer on said it will depend on the judge, but you should expect to pay $50 to $100.

What are the extra costs?

Curfew tickets can be combined with other violations, such as vandalism if found guilty.

Parents may also be fined if they are found guilty of tolerating their teenagers’ behavior and offense.

If you receive points on your driving record, your insurance may increase your premiums, resulting in higher monthly bills.

If you choose to hire a lawyer to get you out of the ticket, lawyer charges need to budget for.

Tips to know:

Aside from the curfew ticket, the offender may be put on a probation, where he or she should not be caught making another offense; otherwise, he or she would be issued another ticket plus community service.  He or she may even be detained by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Division of the Court if you fail to pay the fine; however, this is rare.

The primary purpose of imposing a curfew is to reduce the amount of juvenile crime, promote parental rein over their teenagers, and to keep minors from bad influence.  The primary purpose of other military enforced curfews is to keep civilians safe.

An exception to the curfew rules is when a licensed minor has to drive someone to the hospital on an emergency, commuting to or from a school-sponsored program, or when he or she is accompanied by an adult.  There may also be exceptions made if the teen works a specific job and the hours are only slightly past curfew.  Refer to your local state laws to learn more about exceptions.

How can I save money?

If you are a first time offender, consider scheduling a hearing in court.  This will allow you to give an explanation, apologize and ensure the officer that it will not happen again.  While this will not get you out of the fine, it will most likely result in no points on your driving record.  If you have points on your record and can’t afford to have more, then it may be wise to hire a lawyer.  While this won’t necessarily “save” you money, it could help you avoid points or probation in the future.

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    me and my friends got pulled over 24 minutes after 11 and we got fined 200 dollars each

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