Cytopoint Injection Cost

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Cytopoint (Zoetis) is a medication designed to help dogs with skin allergies, commonly referred to as atopic dermatitis in the medical world.

With Cytopoint, the itch from these skin allergies can be controlled, helping the dog’s skin heal, allowing your dog to enjoy their life.

Cytopoint will require a prescription from your veterinarian and must be refrigerated at all signs.

Cytopoint Injection Cost
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How much does Cytopoint cost?

The cost of Cytopoint injections will depend on the vet you use, your geographical location and the dosage required (based on your dog’s weight), depending on your dog’s circumstances.

Glancing online, the costs for just the injections range from as little as $35 for a 10-milligram vial to as much as $70+ for a 40-milligram vial, and again, this is just for the vial, not the vet’s office fee.  These injections, not include the veterinarian office fee, will need to be added to the total since you will need a prescription for the said injection. In conclusion, the average Cytopoint injection at your local vet’s office can cost about $65 to $130+, but for dogs larger than 80 pounds, more than one vial will be necessary, effectively increasing the costs.

DosageAverage Cost (JUST for vial)

Refer to the chart below to see how many vials your dog would need and take the price averages above.  From there, add in your vet office examination fee, often around $35 to $65, to get an idea as to how much you may have to pay:

As the injections only offer relief for up to either weeks, you will need to continue these injections to prevent the itching.

At, for instance, the company sells a 10, 20, 30 and 40-milligram vial, with prices ranging from as little as $35 for the 10-milligram vial to as much as $70 for the 40-milligram vial.  Due to the refrigeration required for the vials, overnight shipping will be an additional cost and syringes will be another separate purchase if you were to need them.  While you can purchase the vial from an online pharmacy, you will need a prescription from your local vet in order to purchase it legally.

How does Cytopoint work?

Cytopoint is designed to target and neutralize interleukin (IL)-31, which is the cytokine that causes your dog to itch due to their allergies.  Once Cytopoint is injected beneath your dog’s skin, it will start to work within the first 24 hours and can provide up to six to eight weeks of relief.  In comparison to other injections and drugs, Cytopoint is considered a biological therapy, meaning it’s a non-pharmaceutical treatment which works in a way similar to that of your dog’s immune system, containing engineered antibodies that are very similar to your dog’s natural antibodies.  In this way, the injections were designed to target and neutralize the main proteins responsible for sending those itch signals to the dog’s brain.

Side effects

Possible side effects may include an allergic reaction, facial swelling or hives.  If any of these side effects were to occur, then treatment would be recommended immediately.

Tips to know

The vial, if you wanted to inject your dog at home, will require refrigeration, meaning if you were to purchase it online, it needs to arrive at your doorstep in as little time as possible.  This, depending on who you purchase from, can lead to additional shipping expenses.

All vials are for single use only as it does not contain any preservatives.  After puncturing the vial and using, it should be discarded.

Cytopoint is best used by a veterinarian or under the direction of one.

As the injections are considered to be biological therapy and not considered a drug, it will be naturally broken down by the body and will not be eliminated via the liver or kidneys like other drugs.

As mentioned, injections can provide relief for up to eight weeks, but the manufacturer of the drug, via its official website, wants you to track your dog’s history with its Itch Tracker.  With this information, based on a 1 to 100 scale, this can help your vet determine how the itch has gone down over time and how effective the injections were for your dog as every dog will vary with results.

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Average Reported Cost: $125.25

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Less Expensive $1 $1.5K $3K $5K $6.5K More Expensive $8k

How much did you spend?

Was it worth it?  

  1. Sally (Rancho Cucamonga,  California) paid $131 and said:

    Still itching!

    Was it worth it? Yes

  2. Deni H. (Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania) paid $140 and said:

    In Pennsylvania it cost us a total of $140. for both the Vet visit & the Cytopoint.

    However we took ourselves & our Australian Shepherd to our Scotland home & just got a total STICKER SHOCK!

    Yesterday, it cost a total of $518. We have no idea but we’re going to discuss this with the local Vet here. We sure can’t afford $518 every month to 6 weeks!

    We didn’t say anything at the Vet yet until we did some research. But when we got home, the only reason this was SO EXPENSIVE in the Uk would be, if they had to ship it from the States! But I can’t imagine why that would be since Zoetis’ meds including Apoquel (Occlacitinib) is readily available in the UK & not as expensive as cytopoin.

    Was it worth it? Yes

  3. Whoever (Clarksburg ,  West Virginia) paid $60 and said:

    Seems to work well

    Was it worth it? Yes

  4. D (Rocklin,  California) paid $170 and said:


    Dog is still itching all day….even after a week

    Was it worth it? Yes

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