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The daith piercing, located on the innermost part of the ear cartilage fold, just about the tragus, and is said to be one of the most unique piercings you can get; however, only people who have a well-developed cartilage fold are candidates for the piercing.

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How much does a daith piercing cost?

The costs of a daith piercing, like most piercings, will depend on the professional you hire, where you live and the jewelry you purchase after the piercing completes.  Generally, a piercing artist who has a lot of experience, who also lives in a higher cost of living area, will almost always charge more than a rookie piercer who just started out.  With all of this being said, the costs can range anywhere from $45 to $95 for the piercing and could be much more than this if you were to upgrade the jewelry.

theStyleUP.com, via its daith piercing guide, noted the costs of this piercing can range anywhere from $40 to $100, but as we said, this is so dependent upon many factors.

Daith piercing procedure

As with any piercing, the first step always involves sterilizing your ears with an antibacterial solution as doing this will help prevent any infections in the future.

Next, after the sterilization completes, the piercer will create the piercing marks with a marker to confirm the location with you.

Once confirmed, the piercer will then create a hole with the aid of a curved needle as this piercing, in comparison to others, can be trickier due to the location, the thicker cartilage, and its accessibility.

After the hole is created, a piece of jewelry, usually a piece you pick out before the process, is inserted and you will then be instructed as to how to take care of it once you go home.

The entire process will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Healing process – how long does it take to heal?

In comparison to other piercings in the ear, the healing process is said to be much longer due to the area in question and the increased possibility of an infection due to the dirt buildup potential and larger wound.  With this being said, professionals, on average, note that you should be prepared to wait anywhere from three to six weeks before you see a fully healed piercing as long as you take care of the piercing properly.

Aftercare instructions

Always avoid touching the pierced area with your bare hands as this can irritate the area in question from the bacteria on your hands.

Only use an antibacterial mild soap as this will not irritate the wound and can also keep the bacteria which is known to cause complications.

When cleaning the pierced area, always make sure no amount of soap or cleaning agent is left behind as this can irritate the area as well.

When cleaning, use a cotton ball or cotton bud to gently clean the area.

Make it a habit to replace your pillowcase as this does become a breeding ground for bacteria as the days go by.

Try to sleep on the opposite side of your piercing until the wound is completely healed.

Does it hurt?

According to the reviews we read online, the pain tolerance levels seemed to be mixed, often no different than another piercing on your ears, if you already had one.  However, since the pain is highly dependent upon each individual, one person could say the pain was extreme while another felt it was a breeze.  On average, from the averages we could gather, it’s best to be prepared for a three to four out of 10 pain scale.

Can it help with migraines?

It has been said online that a daith piercing can sometimes mimic the effects of acupuncture when it hits certain pressure points in the ear, oftentimes where the daith piercing is located.  However, from what we could gather, we could not find any medical evidence that it could help with migraines, but MedicalNewsToday did note that some practitioners did believe people suffering from migraines could benefit with fewer symptoms as their patients did report back feeling better, but a neurologist, interviewed in the article, confirmed no evidence was available backing up this fact.  Another blogger at aMagicalMess.com said she saw a 97% decrease in her migraines.

Daith piercing risks

Like any other piercing, risks do exist, especially if you do not follow the proper aftercare techniques.  Some of the risks you may experience include the following:

Tips to know

Originally known as the “da’at,” this term simply meant “knowledge,”  a piercing created by a college student and professional piercer by the name of Erik Dakota.  The piercing first started showing up in the early 1990s, with its first appearance in the Body Play Magazine, created by Fakir Musafar.  The piercings are not considered to be new, however, as the idea has been around for longer than 3,000+ years.

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