How Much Does a Dedham Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Dedham Country Club, located 20 miles south of Boston in Dedham, Massachusetts, was established in 1910 and was a result of a merger of two previous clubs:  the Norfolk Country Club and the Dedham Polo Club.

How much does a Dedham Country Club membership cost?

According to the Dedham and Polo Country Club’s website in the past, a regular member will cost $8,100 annually and the one-time initiation fees are about $40,000.  There is also a food and beverage minimum that has to be paid on a quarterly basis.  Depending on the type of membership, this minimum can be as high as $300 per quarter.  The club, being private, isn’t opened to any members as any prospective member will need a sponsor in order to be considered.

Dedham Country Club membership overview

Amenities, as per the official club’s website, includes the historic Seth Raynor 18-hole golf course, a driving range, eight clay indoor/outdoor tennis courts, four paddle tennis courts, an outdoor swimming pool, ice skating and trapshooting.

The clubhouse also offers three dining room options.

What are the extra costs?

Throughout the season, the club offers social events that often incur additional charges.

Clinics, private lessons, tournaments and leagues can all be additional charges to budget for.

Swim programs are also available for an additional cost.

Tips to know

To learn more about the golf course, the Massachusetts Golf Association breaks down what the club offers, ratings and slopes.  This blog post also talks about someone’s personal experience on the course.

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