How Much Does a Denver Athletic Club Membership Cost?

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The Denver Athletic Club is a private, member-owned club located in the downtown area of Denver, Colorado.

Founded in 1884, the club is known for being one of the oldest and the most prestigious private clubs in the U.S.

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How much does a Denver Athletic Club membership cost?

The cost of a membership at the Denver Athletic Club will greatly depend on the type of membership you’re applying for, the promotions at the time and if you’re affiliated with any organization that offers discounts.  The one-time initiation joining fees can range from as little as $0 to more than $350, while the monthly dues are anywhere from $135 for an individual to as much as $260+ for families.

According to the Denver Petroleum Club, for example, the initiation fee for the Denver Athletic Club social membership is $375 while the monthly dues are about $137.  For DPC members, the initiation fee is waived while the monthly club dues are $50.

According to a recent review by Alec G. on this page, the cost of joining Denver Athletic Club is $350 and the monthly dues are $214 for individuals under 40. Sarah B., another Yelp reviewer, states that the monthly membership at the club in 2011 was $266.

A 2009 article in The Denver Post states that the Denver Athletic Club’s initiation fee during that year was $250 while the monthly fees were $180 for individuals and $266 for families.

Denver Athletic Club membership overview

The club is opened 24 hours, seven days a week.

Members receive two hours of complimentary parking, an eight-lane swimming pool, gymnasium, indoor running track, squash courts and racquetball courts.

Aside from the 150,0000 square foot athletic facilities equipped with the traditional weight and cardio equipment, members can take advantage of a variety of classes, including cycling, pilates and yoga.

The club also offers massage therapy, a hair salon, spa, dry cleaning, a fully-stocked locker room, men’s health club, private eight-lane bowling alley, dining options and shoe shine/repair services.

Denver Athletic Club members also enjoy reciprocal club benefits and obtain access to more than 200 clubs around the globe such as the New York Athletic Club, the Olympic Club in San Francisco, the City University Club in San Francisco, and The Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh.

New members receive two complimentary personal training classes and a fitness screening by one of the gym’s staff.  This will help you to analyze your fitness plan and goals.

What are the extra costs?

Additional classes, such as gymnastics or swim classes for kids, can cost $15+ per session.

Child care services are offered at the club and can cost $3.50 per hour.

Parking is free for the first 2 hours and $2.50 per hour afterward.  The maximum rate is $12.50 on weekdays and $5 on Saturdays.

Private personal training sessions can be another additional cost to consider.

Tips to know:

Social events at the club include dinner packages, shows and art exhibits, family events, book clubs, concerts, and investment clubs.  There are over 100 events each year Denver Athletic Club members can enjoy with family and friends.

Members are allowed to hold special events, from weddings to mitzvahs, at the club’s ballroom, rooftop sundeck, or at the bowling alley. They can also take advantage of licensed childcare services, med-spa facilities, and physical therapy.

How can I save money?

Consider taking a free membership trial first before enrolling in any membership category.  Doing so will give you a first-hand experience of using the club facilities and will help you find out if the services are suitable for you before you make any long-term commitment.

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