How Much Does Deworming a Dog Cost?

Deworming a dog is a procedure that involves the removal of parasitic worms that live inside your dog.  This is one of the most common problems encountered.

These worms feed on the nutrients that your dog is supposed to be getting, which in turn makes them sick.  There are different types of worms that can live inside your dog, and depending on the condition, the deworming procedure can be different.  One of the most common ways to deworm a dog is by the use of medicine.  The cost of deworming a dog will depend upon the type of procedure, the veterinarian working with the dog and geographical location.

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How much is it?

BrandAverage Price
Advantage MultiTM++$80 for six month
Droncit®$4 per tablet (34mg)
Drontal® Plus$10 per tablet (68mg) or $15 per tablet (136mg)
$40 to $50 for six month supply
$40 to $50 for six month supply
Iverhart Max®$40 for six month supply
Nemex®-2$12 per two ounces
Panacur®$5 3x1
PRO-Wormer-2®$9 per two ounces
Revolution®$50 for three pack
$13 for 3 day treatment
Sentinel®$50 for six pack
Tri-Heart® Plus$30 for six count
Trifexis$90 for six month

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know

Types of worms found in dogs

Top selling dog dewormers on Amazon

How can I save money?

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