How Much Does a Disney World Wedding Cost?

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From a fairy tale wedding celebrations to a custom one, Disney World provides a host of options for couples who wish to get married surrounded by Disney magic or just wish to be wed at one of the many sites.

Disney claims that “Each Disney wedding destination offers something unique, something any couple can get excited about and something all your guests can enjoy.”

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 How much does a Disney World wedding cost?

The cost of a Disney World wedding, like any other wedding, will depend on the package you choose, how many guests are attending and your inclusions.  On average, from a bare minimum standpoint to just cover the ceremony location, the costs could be as little as $5,000 for fewer than four guests to well more than $25,000.  As for the food and beverage fees, there’s a minimum as well which starts at $125 per person.  And as for the enhancement extras, the costs can add up to well over $50,000+ for a small wedding.

All weddings, depending on when you want to get married, will have a minimum expenditure, which range from as little as $5,000 at a resort location to as much as $35,000+ at the Magic Kingdom locations.  The expenditures, according to the official website, can be met by purchasing flowers, music, entertainment, photography, etc.

Refer to our table below to see what a wedding at Disney World may cost:

Ceremony fee- $4,000 for resort locations
- $5,000 for wedding pavilion
- $15,000+ for Magic Kingdom train station
- $25,000+ for Magic Kingdom East Plaza Garden
- $50,000+ for Magic Kingdom After Hours
Food and beverage (per person)- Brunch: $140+
- Lunch: $165+
- Dinner: $190+

** Add $10,000 to $15,000 if reception is at Magic Kingdom.
** There is a minimum guest requirement, often starting at 20 guests+
+ 23% service charge at 6% sales tax$1,268
Charter bus transportation (this is required)- $155 per hour for charter bust
- $750+ for vintage cars
- $2,000 for horse and landau coach (two hours)
- $3,000+ for Cinderella's glass coach
DJ (five hours)$1,500
Photographer (five hours)$3,500

NOTE:  These costs came directly from the official website.  Do use this as a budget, not as a definite price.  If you want an exact cost, we highly recommend using this official dream maker calculator. talked with a Disney representative, who said that if you want to hold your ceremony in front of the castle, then there is a $25,000 minimum fee for 100 people at 9:30 a.m.  That’s excluding the food and beverage minimums, which total $75,000.  Again, according to the website, this is for the ceremony alone and won’t include the reception.

The Washington Post interviewed a couple who was married at Disney World.  For their 225 guests, after the customized projection cake and an appearance from Mickey Mouse, the final price tag was well north of $100,000.  Another couple they interviewed, who settled for a small ceremony with 24 guests, paid $25,000.

Disney World wedding overview

Ceremony locations at Disney World includes the Wedding Pavilion, which includes an organist, theme park locations and many resort locations.  The in-park ceremonies will be limited due to park hours but will be available from 7:30 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Regardless of the wedding package chosen, Disney will provide you with a coordinator to help design your wedding day and choose from a collection of specialized planning services such as the menu, decorations, entertainment and add-ons.  Couples will be able to choose from distinctive locations and invite as many guests as the venue can handle.

What are the extra costs?

Apart from the Disney World wedding package fees, couples usually need to pay applicable taxes, gratuity, and other additional fees as stated in the fine print.

All wedding packages do come with a variety of extras, including arriving in Cinderella’s coach ($3,000~), having two characters show up during the reception ($1,800~), a white dove flyover ($250), private fireworks ($2,500), a live band and/or a customized video package.  You can also have an English butler deliver your wedding bands on a platter for $800.

Customized themed decor is available, ranging from $850 for specialty lighting to as much as $4,500 for ceiling and room treatments.

Floral designers can create flower arrangements, ranging from $10 for each chair cover to as much as $200+ for altar armaments.

Tips to know:

All spaces, like any venue, will be based on availability and won’t be available on all days.

Disney prohibits outside vendors, meaning photographers and videographers, are not allowed.  Although Disney does offer these services, you will have to choose a professional from their authorized list.

As of January 2017, couples can get married after dark once the park closes, according to the Huffington Post.

How can I save money?

If the guests of the party book a minimum of 10 room nights at the resort hotel, a complimentary night for the couple will be included.

Spending less than $10,000 on a Disney wedding is doable, according to  She interviewed five couples who did get married and shared their experience on her blog post.

The prices are going to be higher on the weekends and after 12 p.m.  They won’t vary by season, either, like other venues do.  If you’re able, plan your wedding outside of these times.

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