How Much Does a Ditch Witch Trencher Rental Cost?

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The Ditch Witch is an ideal trencher, great for irrigation, bed edges, drainage, utility line installation and planting trees.

The Ditch Witch comes with a combination chain that is six inches with a shark and cup of teeth.

Ditch Witch by BruceHH, on Flickr
Ditch Witch” (CC BY 2.0) by  BruceHH

How much does a Ditch Witch trencher rental cost?

On average, most Ditch Witch trencher machines can be rented for $130 to $300 for the day, depending upon the exact model and where you rent it.  If you wanted to rent it for the week, the costs could drop by the day and could cost $400 to $600 per seven days.  Refer to our table below to see what the most common Ditch Witch models can cost to rent at a local company.

Type of Ditch WitchAverage Rental Rate
24-inch Walk Behind (1030, 1230 or 1330)- Daily: $150
- Weekly: $400
- Monthly: $1,000
36-inch Walk Behind (1324D, C16X or 1324ST)- Daily: $175
- Weekly: $450
- Monthly: $1,300
46-inch Walk Behind (C30X)- Daily: $250
- Weekly: $750
- Monthly: $1,600
Ride On Trencher- Daily: $400
- Weekly: $1,200
- Monthly: $2,500

Broken down by horsepower, the table below shows the average daily costs:

Gross HPAverage Daily Rate

According to a forum member on this forum thread, Home Depot wanted $178 to rent one for the day.

Forum members on this forum thread stated that they paid around $145 for a daily rental.

The Ditch Witch of Arizona lists prices on its official website, with prices ranging from $225 per day for a 24HP to as much as $1,040 per day for a 121HP ride on trencher.

What are the extra costs?

If hiring someone, plan on spending around $30 to $75 per hour to operate the machine.

You will also have to buy more fuel depending on how long you will be working with the machine.  All rental companies will require you to bring the machine back with a full tank of gas or at the same levels when you left.

If you need the machine delivered to and picked up from the work site, this will be an extra charge.

Tips to know:

There are commonly two kinds of Ditch Witch trenchers offered as a rental:  a walk behind or a rider.

Before using the machine, call 811 to have them mark the lines.  This will ensure that you avoid digging through lines that have been placed there by the city for different reasons.

This machine cannot be loaded inside a pickup truck bed; instead, it will have to be loaded onto a trailer.  If you do not have a trailer, you will need to either have the machine delivered or consider finding a trailer somehow.

How can I save money?

The Ditch Witch, unless you want this particular brand, is just that — a brand. You may find that some rental companies in your area may offer an alternative that can do just as good of a job for a lower daily rate.

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