How Much Does a Dodger Stadium Wedding Cost?

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The Dodger Stadium, the MLB’s third oldest ballpark, in Los Angeles, California, offers a fun and festive venue for weddings with large or intimate crowds.

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How much does a Dodger Stadium wedding cost?

The cost of the ceremony at home plate, according to most sources we looked at, would cost about $5,000.  As for the reception, however, the costs for the reception would greatly depend on the time of year, time of day, the venue and the menu options you choose.  This can be anywhere from $40 to $150 per person based on these factors.

According to an article at, a wedding ceremony at the home-plate costs $5,000.

Dodger Stadium wedding overview

Those who get married at Dodger Stadium will have their ceremony at home plate and the reception will follow at one of the venues located on site.  Those who often have the reception will choose food that correlates with the ballpark atmosphere such as Dodger dogs and popcorn.

Dodger Stadium offers different venues for wedding receptions.  The Stadium Club, located in the right field, has a spacious area with a capacity of 499 guests for a reception and accommodates 250 guests seated and 230 guests seated, including a dance floor).  The Lexus Dugout Club, located behind home plate and in the center of Dodger Stadium, is ideal for receptions and has a capacity of 350 for a reception, with 200 guests seated and 170 guests seated, with a dance floor.  The Hollywood Event Suite, located in the right field, has a capacity of 80 for a reception with 50 guests seated.  To learn more about the areas offered within the stadium, visit this link.

Catering for a Dodger Stadium wedding can be provided by Levy Restaurants, which offers an array of venues, food, and cuisine to cater to diverse preferences.  After the ceremony, a couple and their wedding guests can proceed to a cocktail reception and dinner in the Stadium Club.  A live band can also be hired for the wedding party.

Those who do or want to get married at the stadium will be able to work with a wedding coordinator to plan the event.

What are the extra costs?

While optional, you can proposal to your soon-to-be spouse at a game.  An article at states that proposing via one of the new scoreboards at the stadium costs $2,500 while a proposal displayed on the left field ribbon board costs $75.

Bar services are available, including a cash bar option, where the guests pay for their own drinks, a limited bar option, where a certain number of drinks are paid upfront or an open bar, where guests can drink as many drinks as they would like.  Alcohol services include a champagne toast, house beer, house wine, premium liquor, rail liquor, specialty beer and specialty wines.

Tips to know:

Dodger Stadium also services engagement parties, bridal showers, LGBTQ weddings and ceremonies as well as eco-friendly/green weddings.

Catering services at the venue can include a cocktail reception, family style-type meal and/or displayed Hors d’oeuvres.  Gluten-free dietary options are provided as well.

The Dodger Stadium is subject to availability by the team’s schedule so couples may need to be flexible with dates.  It is recommended that couples book their space at least a year in advance to ensure the date has no home game scheduled and that no one else has booked that date.  You may need to put a deposit down, but this will be taken off your total bill eventually.

A wedding at Dodger Stadium offers couples and their guests the opportunity to tour the stadium and access the dugouts.

How can I save money?

The wedding coordinator will be able to work with your budget as long as it’s within reason.  With a few reception areas and menu options to choose from, see if they can work with your budget.

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