How Much Does a Dog Chiropractor Cost?

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For humans, chiropractic therapy has been around for decades, but in the animal world, it’s known as a relatively new practice as veterinary practitioners are exploring ways to position and manipulate the spinal column to help treat various injuries or problems.

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How much does a dog chiropractor cost?

The cost of chiropractic care for a dog, just like a human being visiting, will depend on the condition, how well your dog behaves, your geographical location and the chiropractor you visit.  The majority of dog owners we researched online, from what we researched, spent anywhere from $65 to $175 a session, but this cost could greatly decrease if you were to commit and purchase sessions in bulk, often five or 10 at a time.  Also, if you do have a pet insurance plan, some policies will cover the procedure as long as it is deemed medically necessary.

Keep in mind your first-time visit will always be the most, often around $150 to $250 as your chiropractor will need to spend more time with you, take x-rays, review past lab work and create an at-home treatment plan.

Dr. Josée Gerard, BA, DC, CVSMT, a certified animal chiropractor, charges $120 for the first 45-minute visit and $50 for every 15-minute follow-up visit, according to his official price sheet.

The CRCG, a canine and conditioning rehabilitation group located in Colorado, charges $250 for a rehabilitation evaluation and treatment plans, according to the official price sheet, will range from $80 to $160 depending on the dog’s condition.

The process

For first-time visits, the practitioner will first want to know about your pet’s medical history and the condition you’re concerned about by filling out a first-time visitor form, just as you would with any other medical professional.  Like a routine visit at your local vet’s office, he or she will ask a variety of questions, often asking if you have noticed any concerns and/or problems they should be aware of.  Depending on the lab work/testing done in the past, they may want to perform an x-ray at this time to check on the area in question.

Following this, the doctor will use a range of chiropractic methods which consist of utilizing direct pressure to the spinal vertebrae and the attached muscles to help alter the current position.  The average session, on average, can last 15 to 30 minutes.

As with humans, there will be no recovery period following each session, and in general, most dog owners will see a slight correction in their dog’s position and overall body expression.  The number of follow-up sessions will greatly depend on the severity of the case as each situation will be quite unique. notes that your pet will feel the need to rest as this is 100 percent normal.  In general, it could take up to five days to see positive progress.

Following every session, a good chiropractor should offer advice as to what you should do, as an owner at home, to keep your dog feeling mobile and upbeat.

Is it successful?

If you read online, you will read a lot of mixed reviews since the treatment process is relatively new to the field.  Some debate there’s no evidence to support the claims, while others state the dog may feel immediate benefits just as a human would.  Many pet owners often choose this time of therapy instead of treating the condition with multiple painkillers.

Sessions are beneficial for dogs with…

Finding a licensed practitioner

Ask your current vet to refer you to a local certified animal chiropractor or you can search for online via the American Veterinary Chiropractor Association or the College of Animal Chiropractic.   As of 2017, professional canine chiropractic has been recognized for a pinch more than 25 years.

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