How Much Does Dog Cremation Cost?

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Cremation is one of the few options you have once your dog has passed away.

It’s considered to be more practical, environmentally friendly and is also convenient since you will be able to see and connect with your pet anytime you want rather than having to go to the burial spot at a local pet cemetery.

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How much does dog cremation cost?

There are two types of dog cremation your vet will offer you: an individual cremation, where your dog is cremation alone, or a mass/communal cremation, where your dog will be cremated with other pets.  On average, depending on where you live, the size of your pet and which option you choose, a dog cremation will cost anywhere $50 to $100 for a mass cremation or about $150 to $300 for a private cremation. says that the average cost of private dog cremation is around $150 to $300, while a mass or community cremation usually costs around $50 to $150.

The Cremation Resource says the average cost will be about $50 to $150 depending on your location, pet’s weight and the option you choose.

We received estimates from various cremation services for dogs located throughout the United States and included the quotes we received in our table below:

Geographical LocationPrice Quoted
Atlanta, GA- $75 for communal
- $200 (weight dependent) for individual
Cincinnati, OH- $55 for communal
- $70 to $260 (weight dependent) for individual
Denver, CO- $70 for communal
- $85 to $250 (weight dependent) for individual
Houston, TX- $65 for communal
- $180 (weight dependent) for individual
Las Vegas, NV- $45 for communal
- $160 (weight dependent) for individual
Los Angeles, CA- $125 for communal
- $230 (weight dependent) for individual
Milwaukee, WI- $45 for communal
- $180 (weight dependent) for individual
Oklahoma City, OK- $35 for communal
- $80 to $160 (weight dependent) for individual
Phoenix, AZ- $65 for communal
- $100 to $180 (weight dependent) for individual
Salt Lake City, UT- $65 for communal
- $150 (weight dependent) for individual
San Diego, CA- $125 for communal
- $200 (weight dependent) for individual
- add $75 for delivery within 25 miles

Dog cremation overview

With a private cremation, regardless of which option you choose, you will get your pet’s ashes after it has been cremated.  Your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in a plastic bag that is kept inside a decorative box.  If you choose to not purchase a special memorial box, however, your dog’s ashes will be put in a generic one.  This way, you will not have to worry about handling and moving the ashes yourself.

Mass or community cremation means that, since your dog is going to be cremated along with other animals, its ashes will not be returned to you in some cases.  Instead, they will be disposed of in a private cemetery or taken to a landfill.  This will be disclosed to you before you choose this option.  If you were to receive the ashes, however, other ashes will be blended in with your dog.

What are the extra costs?

For an additional fee, the pet mortuary can pick up your pet at home for a small fee.  This fee, which is usually around $25 to $50 or much higher if done during after hours, will greatly depend upon on how far they have to travel.  This charge may be waived if the pet was picked up at the vet’s clinic.

You will have to to pay extra if you want your dog’s ashes kept in a special ornamental box, figurine, or urn.   These items can either be purchased from a pet crematory or even online.   An urn or ornamental box, on average, will cost about $25 to $75+, depending on the materials it’s made of and where you purchase it from.

Aside from storing the ashes inside of an ornamental box or even an urn, there are other ways to remember your pet, such as using a lock of fur inside a piece of jewelry or a paw print.  Like the urn, these memorial pieces can be an additional cost to consider.

If the dog has to be euthanized before the cremation process, then additional fees will apply.  This can be an additional $50 to $150.

Some services will allow a witness to watch over the process to ensure you get your dog’s ashes back.  If you were to need a witness, this could be another $75 to $125.

Tips to know:

Choose a reputable company to ensure you will be getting your pet’s ashes only  This means that the ashes are free of any other animal’s remains.

Most vets won’t have a crematory on site, and more often than not, they will have a third-party contract with an outside service.  If your dog happened to pass away at home, your vet will be able to recommend a reputable third-party provider they work with.

Due to environmental restrictions, a dog’s blanket, toy or anything not related to the dog can’t be cremated along with the pet.

How can I save money?

If you’re on a strict budget and simply want your dog cremated, consider the mass option as this is often the cheapest route.

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