How Much Does Dog Eye Ulcer Surgery Cost?

The cornea, being the outermost covering or layer of your dog’s eye and compromised of four layers, is transparent and admits light into the eye.  All of the other parts, including the pupil and iris, lay behind it, serving as a barrier to protect the inside of the eye from bacteria, foreign objects and just about anything that may appear with the vision.

To treat a corneal ulcer in a canine, a veterinarian or veterinarian eye specialist will perform what’s known as a chronic ulcer surgery or keratotomy, a procedure which treats indolent ulcers by removing the epithelial cells which are no longer attached.  This procedure, depending on the size of the ulcer, will be done under either a topical or general anesthesia.

Eyes open by Teresa Trimm, on Flickr
Eyes open” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Teresa Trimm

How much does dog eye ulcer surgery cost?

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