How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?

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According to the ASPCA, you should groom your pet regularly to avoid potential health problems.

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How much does dog grooming cost?

Most grooming services offer two basic types: a full-service groom and bath-only groom.  Bath-only grooms may be about 25% cheaper than the prices listed below.

The cost of grooming a small dog breed, such as the Bichon Frise and Maltese, will be between $25-$50.

The cost of grooming a medium dog breed, such as the Labrador Retriever or Chow, will be $50-$70.

The cost of grooming a large breed, such as the poodle or Briard, or a long-haired medium breed, will cost $70-$100.

For example, Hollywood Pet Wash, a professional dog groomer located in Hollywood, California, has prices that range anywhere from $35 to as much as $125.  Small dogs with a cut will cost $45 to $50, while a large dog will cost $65 to $125 with a cut.

Mobile grooming services that come directly to your residence or place of work can cost a little more due to the transportation that they provide.  A mobile service can cost anywhere from $75 to $200.  Again, this can depend on the breed of dog.

According to a member on this forum thread, members claimed that they paid anywhere from $20 to $50 for their dog.  The prices greatly vary depending on the dog’s size and the groomer.

Angie’s List members reported paying an average of $53 in 2014.

Dog grooming overview

A bath-only grooming service will usually include brushing out the dog’s coat for around 15 minutes, giving the dog a bath, blow drying the dog’s coat, and cleaning the dog’s ears.  Most groomers also include a ribbon or bandana for looks and possibly some fragrance.

A full-service groom should include all of the services a bath-only groom includes as well as cutting and/or styling the dog’s hair and clipping the dog’s nails.

Some grooming service includes checking the anal glands; others charge extra for this service.

The average grooming session shouldn’t take any longer than 15 to 30 minutes.

Grooming services can be found with private providers and larger pet chains such as PETCO and PetSmart.

What are the extra costs?

Clipping the nails, in addition to a bath-only groom will cost between $7-$15 extra.  If you just need their nails cut, most groomers can do this for you.

Using a medicated shampoo or shampoo specializing in killing fleas will usually cost about $10 extra.

Having your dog’s teeth cleaned at a groomer’s, while not as extensive as the teeth cleaning done by a veterinarian, will cost about $10-$20 more.  See: “How much does dog teeth cleaning cost?

Mobile groomers charge a service fee in addition to the grooming fee.  This is usually $15-$25.

If the dog’s hair is matted or knotted, making it harder for the groomer to perform the job, the cost can range anywhere from $5 to $30 extra.

Customized cuts, such as a mohawk or poodle feet, can cost an extra $5 to $25 depending on the style and dog size.

Dog grooming services can perform other services such as anal gland expression, de-skunking, ear cleaning, tick removal and more.

If a dog isn’t up to date on vaccinations, these will be required before a dog is groomed through a professional.  Vaccines can greatly vary depending on what kind of vaccines they need.

Adding a flea dip can be an additional $5 to $8.

While optional, a tip is appreciated.  This can be $5 to $10, depending on how much you want to pay.

Tips to know:

If taking your dog to the groomer, be sure to consider an ear cleaning.  These cleanings can help prevent fungus, waxy ears and mites.

Consider the weather when grooming your dog.  If the weather is going to be cooler in the upcoming months, it may be ideal to keep a thicker coat.  Most groomers will be able to recommend what they deem necessary.

Make it a habit to groom your dog’s coat once a week.  Since most pet owners only take their animals in once a month, combing will help prevent matting and knot build-up.

When starting up grooming, try your best to keep a regular schedule.  It’s always best to bring your dog into a groomer when it has been walked around the block, ensuring that the dog is calm.

Make sure that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date.  Many reputable groomers won’t see your dog if they don’t have the proper vaccinations.

Factors that influence the price:

The Size

The size of the dog will greatly influence the price of a grooming session.


Dogs that tend to go to a groomer less will be charged more.  This can be due to the fact that their coats are thicker or the mat under their coat.


An aggressive dog tends to cost more than one that is mellow.   Most groomers don’t want to sedate a dog.   Instead, they may not cater to your dog.

How can I save money?

Most grooming shops have some type of loyal customer rewards, such as a free groom after purchasing so many full-service grooms.

Some grooming services have customer referral programs which allow you discounts for every customer you refer to them.

At-home dog grooming can save you money in the long run, but in order to do a good job, you have to have the right tools.  Professional dog clippers, such as the Oster 78004-011, will cost between $40-$150 depending on the features and brand.  Nail clippers come in many different varieties, such as clippers or grinders, and can cost anywhere from $5-$35.  For example, a basic hand-held clipper for nails by Conair will cost $6, while a nail grinder from Oster will cost about $30.  A professional dog brush can cost between $6 and $50 depending on the style, brand, and size.  A normal handheld dog brush from Safari will cost about $13, while a brush like the FURminator will cost $25-$50.

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Average Reported Cost: $49

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Less Expensive $1 $1.5K $3K $5K $6.5K More Expensive $8k

How much did you spend?

Was it worth it?  

  1. pet coiffurs & peticures (dallas,  texas) paid $48 and said:

    They bathed brushed the teeth expressed anal glands nails ears sanitary area cleaned and bows for mid size poodle

    Was it worth it? Yes

  2. Brandie (Mustang,  Oklahoma) paid $50 and said:

    $50 for a Maltese

    Was it worth it? Yes

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