How Much Does Dog Heart Murmur Treatment Cost?

During a routine checkup, often during a vaccination session, a veterinarian will always listen to your dog’s heartbeat, and if the normal sounds are not as expected, it could be a potential sign of trouble.  For most, this can be a surprise as many dog owners will notice no symptoms at the time of the exam.

A heart murmur, an abnormal sound, such as a rumbling or burble, which indicates turbulence in the flow of blood, may be a sign of a disease or condition, but more often than not, a veterinarian will see it as a major clue as to determining if there is, indeed, any abnormalities to the heart and/or damage to the blood vessels.

Murmurs found in dogs is often caused via an abnormality in the heart, swelling of the heart, an incomplete closing of the valve and/or a narrowing of the arteries.

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Dog heart murmur treatment cost

ConditionPrice Average
Heart Valve Malformation/Defect$3,000 to $8,000
Heart Inflammation (Myocarditis)$2,000 to $6,000
Heart Sac Inflammation (Pericarditis)$2,000 to $6,000
Subaortic Stenosis (Artery Narrowing)$20 to $50/month for just beta blocking drugs
Constricted ArteriesChange in diet (may increase food budget $20-$40+ a month
Heart Tumor- Surgery starts at $1,500
- Radiation therapy ranges from $2,000 to $6,000+

NOTE:  These are the costs for the procedure only and will not include the initial diagnostic testing as mentioned above.  You may want to add another $700 to $1,500 to the treatment totals for an estimate on these procedures.  As you can see, treatment, if necessary, can start at $1,500 and cost more than $20,000.

Diagnosing the heart murmur in a dog

Heart murmur life expectancy

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