How Much Does Dog Liability Insurance Cost?

Dog liability insurance, also referred to as dog friendly inusrance or canine liablity insurance, protects the owner from the financial responsibilities if the dog were to attack another person and/or pet.

There are many dog breeds that are violent by nature, such as a pit bull, Doberman, Great Dane or Rottweiler, but all dogs have the potential to be aggressive at some point.  Some people who adopt dogs that are known to be dangerous do so because they believe that they can control it; however, no matter how well you train the dog, it is going to be hard to retain its natural instincts.

Dog liability insurance can be hard to find since some companies will not insure certain breeds.  If you do find a company that is willing to insure your dog, it can be quite expensive; however, the cost of insuring the dog will be much less than a potential lawsuit.  In some cases, it may even be mandatory.  For example, if your new landlord dictates your dog is too risky, then he or she may require this policy in order to rent it out to you.

Snarling dog by dgoomany, on Flickr
Snarling dog” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by dgoomany

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