How Much Does a Dog Lipoma Removal Cost?

A lipoma, according to Dr. Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA, is a very common benign mass made up exclusively of fat cells.

While the majority are located beneath the skin everywhere and anywhere on the body, these fatty masses, in some cases, may develop on the abdomen or chest.

Seeing they are often a benign mass, lipomas are not deemed cancerous, and will not expand to other tissue.  They can, however, over time to become problematic as they can grow larger enough to conflict with the dog’s natural movement.

”I’m Not Crazy About this Dr Office Thin by cogdogblog, on Flickr
”I’m Not Crazy About this Dr Office Thin” (Public Domain) by cogdogblog

Dog lipoma removal surgery cost

The extra costs to consider

Identifying the lipoma

What exactly causes lipoma?

The treatment option

How to prevent lipomas

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