How Much Does a Dog Pregnancy Test Cost?

A dog pregnancy test, much like the pregnancy tests used by humans, is used to determine whether or not a dog is pregnant before the physical signs appear.

During the early stage of pregnancy among dogs, the signs are uncertain and unclear.  As the pregnancy progresses, there will be noticeable changes not only in the dog’s physical appearance but also in her behavior.  The nipples will increase in size to prepare for nursing, and there will be significant weight gain.  The dog could also appear to be tired, lethargic, and she may lose her appetite and vomit occasionally.

However, approximately 26 days after a female dog has conceived, a dog pregnancy test could be done.  For people who breed dogs, this is an imperative test.  If the dog does not get pregnant, there will be another attempt soon after.  If the dog is pregnant, preparations can begin for the new puppies.

Line of Jack Russell Puppies by Prophetic_Blogger, on Flickr
Line of Jack Russell Puppies” (CC BY 2.0) by Prophetic_Blogger

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