How Much Does Dog Salivary Gland Surgery Cost?

Dogs have salivary glands, which produce their saliva to help with the digestion process, beneath their tongues and in the back of their mouths.

While there are several glands that can produce saliva, only two are considered the primary glands, both of which are located on each side of the jaw.  If any gland were damaged, swollen and/or blocked, the saliva will not be able to flow naturally, and instead, it will leak into the surrounding tissue and will continue grow, potentially forming cysts.

Unfortunately, if your dog was experiencing this problem, it will not go away on its own, and the longer you wait, the more difficult it can be for your veterinarian to determine which gland ruptured.

At the time of diagnosis, your vet will be able to determine which type of salivary mucocele your dog has.

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The cost of salivary gland surgery for a dog

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