How Much Does Dog Thyroid Medication Cost?

A lot of dogs, unfortunately, are prone to getting hypothyroidism, which, in layman’s terms means your dog’s thyroid gland is unable to produce enough thyroxine — the hormone that is responsible for regulating the dog’s metabolism.  If enough thyroxine is not produced, then your dog may seem lethargic and can result in corneal ulcers, anemia or megaesophagus if left untreated.

Thyroid medication for your dog could be needed for a variety of reasons, including a thyroid gland disorder or thyroid hormone deficiency to name a few, and with multiple brands and types of thyroid medication available on the market, the costs, as with most prescriptions, will greatly vary.

Since there is no known cure, medication will be absolutely necessary to maintain your dog’s thyroid level.

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Dog thyroid medication cost

PrescriptionAverage Cost Found (per tablet)
Levothyroxine (Levothyroxine offers thyroid replacement therapy for dogs with hypothyroidism or related thyroid conditions due to low circulating thyroid hormone. This is FDA approved for dogs only and currently the only FDA medication on the market.)- $0.16 per 0.6 mg
- $0.25 per 1 mg
- $0.09 per 0.1 mg
- $0.10 per 0.2 mg
- $0.13 per 0.3 mg
- $0.14 per 0.4 mg
- $0.15 per 0.5 mg
- $0.18 per 0.7 mg
- $0.19 per 0.8 mg
Soloxine (Soloxine (levothyroxine) is a replacement for the hormone the thyroid gland normally produces to regulate the body's energy and metabolism.)

Brand names include Soloxine (Virbac), Levotabs (Vetus), Synthroid (Knoll), Thyrosin (Vedco), Thyro-Tabs (Vet-a-Mix).
- $0.11 per 0.1 mg
- $0.13 per 0.2 mg
- $0.15 per 0.3 mg
- $0.16 per 0.4 mg
- $0.19 per 0.5 mg
- $0.20 per 0.6 mg
- $0.21 per 0.7 mg
- $0.23 per 0.8 mg
- $0.30 per 1.0 mg

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Dog thyroid medication side effects

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