How Much Does a Donut Tire Cost?

A donut tire, also known as a spare tire to most, is meant to be a temporary replacement for a tire that has gone flat.  This spare tire can be the same as the original set of tires or can be a lower, generic version.  These spare tires won’t have a tread and the body of the tire won’t be reinforced, preventing it from road imperfections.

Usually, these tires can affect the car’s movement and driver’s ability to control the vehicle, and because of this, it is not recommended that you drive on a donut unless you absolutely have to.  Basically, when you get a flat tire, you use the donut to get you as far as the nearest repair shop or to your home if you live close by and have a tire that can replace the flat one.

Jacking up Scion Xb. Removing flat front by mauitimeweekly, on Flickr
Jacking up Scion Xb. Removing flat front” (CC BY 2.0) by  mauitimeweekly

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