Double Eyelid Surgery Cost

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Double eyelid surgery, commonly known as Asian eyelid surgery, will create a natural looking crease in the eyelid that appears when the eyes are open.

With nearly 50 percent of Asians reporting “double eyelids,” the surgery will help get rid of a fold (crease), extra skin and/or fat, all of which creates a hooded-like look.

Being one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in all of South Korea, your doctor, if you’re a candidate, may recommend one of many surgery types.

Double Eyelid Surgery Cost
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How much does double eyelid surgery cost?

The costs of double eyelid surgery, as with any cosmetic surgery, will depend on a few primary factors, including the surgeon’s experience, the complexity of your surgery, your geographical location and the inclusions in your surgery price since each clinic will bill differently.  For example, some may not include your consultation appointment and follow-up, whereas some clinics will include everything as an all-in-one package.

Based on all of these factors and the multiple quotes we researched online, the costs of the surgery tends to be in the $2,400 to $5,500+ range.  In foreign countries, such as Korea or the Philippines, however, the costs can be much less; however, doctors often highly advise against this route as you often get what you pay for from doctors with limited experience.

For example, on, close to 100 people shared their quotes, with the average cost being $3,000.

A top doctor via this Q&A, also on, stated he heard ranges from $1,500 to $4,000, but he would charge more for the Asian eyelids due to the anatomical differences and skill required.  In the end, the costs of this surgery should include everything — the consultation, surgery and all of your post-operative care.

As for health insurance, since it’s a cosmetic procedure, insurance companies will not cover the procedure unless it’s deemed medically necessary. notes that in some cases, severely drooping eyelids or even patients suffering from ptosis, may qualify for insurance coverage.

The extra costs to think about

Aside from the prices range above, some clinics may charge an additional fee for the following:

To know what fees you will be responsible for, it’s so important to ask for an itemized statement from your surgeon and ask about any additional fees you may experience in the future.

Types of double eyelid surgery procedures

Buried sutured:  This is a non-invasive, non-incision method that was quite popular in the past as it was one of the first procedures introduced to the market to help create a fold.  As part of this procedure, your surgeon will knot small sutures in varying loop patterns above the eyes to help create folds to help create a natural look.  As a plus, these sutures can be removed in the future if you decide you’re unhappy with the results.

Partial incisional:  As an alternative to both methods listed here, a partial incisional method was said to be more effective due to the smaller scars created; however, most surgeons use the full incision method as many specialists have mastered to skill to create a natural look.  During this procedure, tiny incisions are created along the eyelid to help lessen the look of any fat or tissue present.  Unlike the full incisional method mentioned below, tiny incisions are created in segments along the eyelid up to the last portion of the eye instead of going beyond the last portion of the eye like the full incisional.

Full incisional:  This method tends to be the most common, especially in South Korea and is famous for producing a long-term natural result as it permanently shapes the eyes.  During the procedure, any excess fat, skin, and muscle will be removed simultaneously, allowing the surgeon to reconfigure the tissue of the eyelid.  In doing so, the surgeon will be able to extend the line of the eyelid beyond the last portion of the eye, creating a natural appearance.


In most cases, any bruising and swelling that’s noticeable will often subside two to four weeks after the surgery.  While it can be frustrating for some, notes that, after one month, some makeup can create a natural appearance once again.  By three months, the eyes should look natural after the new skin tissues settle around your eyes.  In the end, the recovery period is greatly dependent upon how thick your skin is and the type of surgery used.

The surgery can have long-lasting effects, but this isn’t always the case as sutures placed with no deep cutting may pull out due to the lack of scar tissue formed to help aid the sutures.  The same can be said about those who wear contacts as this can loosen the sutures as well.

What is a double eyelid surgery?

Many Asians, as noted in our introduction, will either have a “single” or “double” eyelid, meaning there’s either a crease or no crease in the eyelid.  The ultimate goal of this surgery, in other words, is to create a natural-looking crease in the eyelid whenever the eyes are open but not when shut.  The surgery does not have the intention of obscuring ethnic features; instead, it attempts to create an eyelid crease that resembles one that occurs naturally, according to Yael Halaas, MD.

Tips to know

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, via his official website, offered a great look at some double eyelid surgery before and after pictures.

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