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The Dr. Urshan Health and Weight Loss Center, located in both in Tampa and Largo, Florida, allows you to transform yourself, both inside and out, in as little as 40 days.

If this sounds too good to be true, the doctor’s official website claims, it’s, indeed, real.

Unlike any other diet program out there, this program will focus on enhancing your health at a cellular level, helping you clear out any harmful toxins as you lose weight.

As long as you closely follow their 40-day weight loss program, they say you will reset your metabolism and weight set point so you’re able to keep the pounds off for life.

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The cost of the Dr. Urshan weight loss program

The cost of the initial consultation, which consists of a computerized body composition analysis can greatly vary depending on the type of promotion being held.  For example, at the time of this publishing, the company was running a Valentine’s Day special, allowing you to receive the consultation for free with you and your significant other.  In the fine print, this “free” offer was a $300 value.

After the consultation, if you do agree to start the program, the costs of the entire 40-day program was in the $1,500 to $2,000 range for the entire 40-day program, according to these Yelp and BBB reviews.  One reviewer, in particular, on the Yelp thread said she was quoted $2,000 for the program and felt the “500 calories per day was not sustainable.”

Some did report you could receive a cash discount if you paid up front, however.

How the program works

The clinic uses a proprietary system, which evaluates the messages sent by your physiochemical response and body, to help create a customized and personalized plan for every individual that takes advantage of their consultation.  This unique program, as per the FAQ, will focus on the areas of unwanted fat by essentially regulating your body’s system to support unwanted conditions such as adrenal fatigue and thyroid dysfunction.  As your body detoxifies at a cellular level, this plan will help increase your metabolism, effectively changing your weight set point.

The system will utilize a very low caloric intake diet, often averaging 500 to 800 calories a day, depending on your assessment.  As the program doesn’t require prepackaged foods, clients will be able to eat any of the foods recommended on the approved list, including eating out at restaurants.  Aside from not using any prepackaged meals, not shots or appetite suppressants are used as well.

From reviewers online, it appears you will avoid oil-based foods and no carbs, similar to that of the Atkins Diet.  There are also certain medications/supplements you must take at certain points of the day to see results.

Dr Urshan reviews

For his two locations, his Tampa, Florida location had a total of four reviews, with a three out of five star rating on Yelp, while his Largo, Florida location had a one star out of five star rating, but it only had one reviewer.  The negative reviewers had a lot in common, noting they 500 calories per day was not sustainable and did not feel great while on the program, while the positive reviewers loved the staff, the process and the results they saw.  For the Tampa location, there were more than 50+ “not currently recommended” reviews, with many of them giving the facility a one-star review.

Via the Better Business Bureau, the clinic had a B+ rating with more than 26 total customer reviews for an average of 4 out of 5 stars.  Here, most of the reviews were positive, with only three reviewers complaining about it.  However, consumer advocates say you should be very wary of BBB reviews as owners can “buy” a good rating.

As for his Google reviews, he had a 4.0 out of 5.0-star rating with 50+ reviews.

His official Facebook page had 25+ reviews with a 4.3/5 rating.

Dr. Urshan complaints

While there were a lot of compliments about the program, we did find many complaints as well — something a lot of potential buyers are searching for.  Using the same review websites we sourced above in our “reviews section,” here are some of the most popular complaints we found:

Low calorie intake a day, often as little as 500 a day.  This made a lot of people report feeling sick, had headaches or tired.

No refunds available after learning about how the program worked in detail.  Many didn’t like they couldn’t learn until after they paid.

Some state he is not a “medical” doctor, only a chiropractor.

NOTE:  There were many pros online and from our assumptions, your results will vary.  All of these reviews were sourced from online review websites and are not our opinion.

Tips to know

You can learn more about his program by watching one of his infomercials via WTSP.com and ABC Action News.

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