How Much Does a Druid Hills Golf Club Membership Cost?

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The Druid Hills Golf Club is a private club located in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1894, it is one of the oldest Golf clubs in the country and is the oldest in Atlanta.

How much does a membership at the Druid Hills Golf Club cost?

The Druid Hills Golf Club membership fees vary with the level of membership.  Potential members older than 41 years old will pay about $50,000 in initiation fees and about $800 per month, according to members who shared what they paid online.  These are estimates only, however.

An Intermediate membership, which is a membership designed for those under 41 years old, will have an initiation fee that ranges anywhere from $5,000 to $13,000, and monthly dues will cost about $535 per month, again, according to costs shared by a member in the past.   Intermediate members receive full unlimited access to all the club’s sporting facilities, including the golf course, the tennis courts and the swimming pools. These privileges are also extended to the immediate family members as long as they are under 23 years old., and intermediate members, unlike primary members, have no voting rights.  This particular category is capped at 50 members.

To become a member, however, it’s by invitation only, meaning you need to have at least a primary sponsor and two additional members to endorse you before being considered.  All members who endorse must be in good standing for at least three years at the club.

According to, the initiation fee is $50,000, up from the $40,000 it was in the past.  The average dues are about $475 per month.

One member on this forum thread shared that the club has an initiation fee that’s less than $60,000.

Druid Hills Golf Club overview

The club facilities include tennis courts, a fitness center, a pool complex with three pools and a kids’ center.

What are the extra costs?

Golf tournaments, private lessons and clinics are all additional costs not part of the monthly fee.

A food and beverage minimum, as with most country clubs, may apply, but at this time, it’s unknown.

Tips to know

The course has strict dress codes.  Be sure to know what you can wear on the golf course, in the restaurant, at the clubhouse and the tennis courts.

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