How Much Does Dry Cleaning Cost?

Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning clothes and other fabrics without using a water-based cleaning solvent.  This method is usually used on materials that are too delicate to be washed in a conventional washing machine.

It is very common for certain materials to become damaged in a traditional washing machine as they can stretch out, shrink or fade in color.  They can also take on the colors of others items washed with them.

For this reason, dry cleaning is suggested on many articles of clothing.

Dry cleaning by sfllaw, on Flickr
Dry cleaning” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by sfllaw

How much does dry cleaning cost?

Type of ClothingPrice Range
2-piece Suit $8 to $15
3-piece Suit $11 to $22
Pants$4 to $25
Sleveless Dress $10 to $20
1-piece Dress $11 to $18
2-piece Dress $13 to $20
Dress with Sequins $17 to $29
Formal Dress $25 to $40
Wedding Gown $25 to $125
Blazer$6 to $14
Vest$4 to $8
Tie$3 to $5
Skirt$5 to $10
Long Skirt $7 to $14
Pleated$6 to $12
Prom Dress$13 to $25
Plain$4 to $9
Dress$7 to $14
Jacket$10 to $15
Cardigan$5 to $11
Regular$2 to $6
Formal$2 to $7
Polo$2 to $5
Sports Jersey $4 to $9
Silk$4 to $8
Tank Top $3 to $5
Robe$7 to $15
Ties$2 to $5
Shorts$4 to $8
Windbreaker$5 to $14
Coat$10 to $18
Overcoat$15 to $25
Parka$16 to $22
Winter Jacket$10 to $30
Suede Jacket$80 to $125
Sleeping Bag $20 to $40
Duvet$50 to $75
Curtains$10 to $80
Sofa Cover$20 to $35

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