How Much Does a Dryer Motor Replacement Cost?

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The dryer motor is responsible for rotating the tumbler, which is the large cylinder that spins while the clothes are drying.   When a dryer motor stops working properly, it will need to be replaced before the problem worsens.

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 How much does it cost to replace a dryer motor?

Depending on the make and model of the dryer motor, the costs of a dryer motor can range anywhere from $40 to as much as $200 for the part only.  Your OEM dryer motors will always be about twice the amount of an aftermarket motor, again, depending on the make and model.

The prices of different dryer motor brands and models at, for example, range anywhere from $40 to $120. Whirlpool dryer motors can cost $40 to $75, while a Maytag branded dryer motor can cost $75 to $120.  GE clothes dryer motors and Amana dryer motors cost anywhere from $75 to $110.

To have a professional come out to replace the dryer motor, plan on budgeting at least $125 to $300 to complete the whole job.  This cost will, again, depend on the dryer you own, where you live and who you hire.  This job is fairly straightforward most of the time, and many appliance repair companies can offer you a quote right away online.  To receive multiple quotes with ease, consider using  Here, you simply explain the problem with your dryer and local, licensed contractors will contact you with a quote.

Refer to our table below to see what the most popular brands may cost.  These prices are for the part only and won’t include the professional labor rates.  To play it safe, add another $100 to $200 to the prices below to see what a professional would charge.

BrandAverage Price (part only)
Amana$115 to $190
Bosch$40 to $200
Electrolux$90 to $175
Frigidaire$90 to $175
GE$130 to $250
Haier$70 to $175
Jenn Air$150 to $200
Kenmore$90 to $180
KitchenAid$125 to $175
LG$150 to $190
Magic Chef$120 to $190
Maytag$118 to $180
Samsung$115 to $190
Whirlpool$120 to $180

Dryer motor overview

During the repair, the drum, either located in the front or the back of the dryer, depending on your make and model, will be removed by popping the lid and panel.  Then, the drive belt from the motor, dryer belt and panels will be disconnected to free the entire drum.  Next, the blower wheel, which is screwed to the motor shaft, will be removed to loosen the motor shaft by disconnecting the electrical connector.  Once the motor is removed, the new motor will be installed on the blower wheel and all parts will be put back.  When done, the dryer will be tested to make sure the motor is in working order.

What are the extra costs?

On top of the replacement, regardless of who you use, you will also have to replace the belt, idler and drum rollers at the same time, adding another $30 to $50 to the costs.

Aside from the dryer mother, other parts may be needed.  These parts could include a motor pulley, which costs about $25 and is often used on certain Maytag gas and electric dryers.  Other parts include a motor coupling, which retails for about $10 and/or a dryer blower, which can be an additional $10 or so.  Do keep in mind most professionals will increase the average part cost by more than 30 percent if you were to hire one.

If the repairman notices anything else that needs repair while replacing the motor, additional fees may apply.

Tips to know:

To know if your dryer motor, indeed, is broken, pay close attention to the noise when you press the start button.  If you hear a humming noise when you press the button, then this is a sign the motor has burnt out.  In some cases, people often believe the motor is bad, when in reality, it’s actually the dryer belt — a part that can cost as little as $20 and is very easy to replace.

Always make sure to get the right part number before purchasing a new or replacement dryer motor.  This model number can be found in the manual of your dryer, or it can be on the dryer motor itself.  Dryer motors are usually compatible with a range of brands and product numbers, but always make sure to ask ahead of time to ensure it’s compatible.

Be sure to check if the dryer motor meets the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) form, fit, and function standards.

How can I save money?

If the repair price is too high, you may want to consider purchasing a new dryer instead, especially if your dryer is 10 years or older.

If you think you are capable, try to replace the dryer motor yourself.  There are many instructional guides online that can walk you through the process.

All part prices aren’t created equal.  Be sure to compare your part number with at least three retailers to see who has the best deal.  It also doesn’t hurt to look at third party parts on eBay. Google Shopping, for example, is a great place to start comparison shopping.

Any dryer younger than two years may still be under the manufacturer’s warranty.  Check with your manufacturer to see if the repair may be covered.  If this were true, always make sure you contact your manufacturer before hiring a repair company as they may not be contracted with them.

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