How Much Does a Ductile Iron Pipe Cost?

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Ductile iron pipes are regarded as the best when it comes to iron piping.  These types of pipes are now the standard for sewer and wastewater systems in city sewer systems.

A product of advanced metallurgy, ductile iron pipe is a combination of mild steel and gray cast iron.  It provides distinctive properties for transporting water under pressure apart from other piping uses.

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How much does ductile iron pipes cost? offers ductile iron products that range anywhere from as little as $160 to as much as $22,000.  For example, a cement lined, size 3″, length 1’0″-17’6″, wt. 26-253 (FxPE) retails for $161 to $1,375, while the Tnemec Series 431 perma-shield PL lined, size 10″, length 1’0″-17’6″, wt. 74-721 (FxPE) retails for $427 to $3,419

Fast Fabricators  in Kentucky provides pricing for fabricated ductile iron piping for standard cement lining with a bituminous seal coat and bituminous exterior.  Here, the prices range range from $160 to $18,500.  The prices here are as follows: provides a list of ductile iron pipe adapters and their individual costs:

Ductile iron pipes  overview

Ductile iron pipes are available in different sizes, lengths and types.  They can be obtained in 3″ – 24″, 3″ – 36″ or 3″ – 64″ options, depending on the manufacturer.  The interior lining of a ductile iron pipe can be cement mortar lined, has a double thickness (to provide extra strength against breaking or bending) and bituminous seal (to provide extra protection against leaks).  The exterior coating can be standard shop primer or bituminous coating.  The size and type of ductile iron pipe you need will depend on the extent of the protection and water flow needed as well as the overall size of the project.

At some manufacturers, product lines can include ductile iron flanged pipe, grooved pipe, wall pipes and wall sleeves, filler flanges as well as joint fittings, flange joint accessory and stud sets.

A ductile iron pipe is created from cast iron that has undergone treatment while in a molten state to enhance its relative malleability, rendering it more resistant to damage typical with traditional cast iron.

Ductile iron pipes range in diameter from 3″ to 54″ in 20′ lengths.  Additionally, they come in a wide range of wall thicknesses, also known as weights, to accommodate different levels of pressure.  These weights can be installed with a broad array of mechanical joints.  Normally, ductile iron pipes are supplied with cement lining, with or without a sealer.

What are the extra costs?

Ductile iron pipes usually need to be obtained together with a host of other items and add-ons including fittings and accessories that suit the type of pipes, dimensions and uses.  These include mechanical joint restraints and accessories, adapters, t-bolts, nuts, gaskets and other required hardware.

If you want to have the ductile iron pipes installed for you, you will need to find a company that is experienced in doing so.

Tips to know:

Improper installation will often void all warranties, written or implied.  Proper procedures and standards must, therefore, be adhered to during the installation process.

It is critically important that the flange bolts and nuts are tightened properly.  There is a recommended bolt torque ft/lb schedule that manufacturers remind users to adhere to.

Compared with gray iron, the ductile iron pipe has a greater strength, ductility, and impact resistance.  Also, ductile iron pipes are lighter and easier to lay and their joints can accommodate a number of angular deflections. Additionally, ductile iron pipes have low pumping cost because they have a larger nominal inside diameter.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has created a standard system that assigns pipe weights with the use of “schedule numbers” that range from Schedule 10 (S.10) to Schedule 160 (S.160).  Pipes with higher schedule digits have greater pipe wall thickness and equate to higher allowable working pressure.

The ductile iron pipe has about the same environmental impact as other types of pipe.  It is made from recycled materials and can be recycled again once it is no longer being used.

How can I save money?

Obtain quotes from several ductile iron pipe manufacturers or distributors and compare the prices offered.  This is especially true if you are buying a lot!

Buy in volume.  Most suppliers and dealers offer significant discounts to buyers who purchase the items in bulk.

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