Dulera Inhaler Cost

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Dulera, a combination of two medicines, help open up the airways inside of your lungs, decreasing the inflammation and improving your lung function.

Available via prescription only, there is no generic at the time of this publishing and is usually prescribed when a patient’s asthma has not been controlled effectively by other asthma-based medicines or when a patient’s case is so severe, more than one medicine is required daily.

Dulera Inhaler Cost
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How much does a Dulera inhaler cost?

The costs of a Dulera inhaler, like most prescription-based inhalers, depends on the dosage, your health insurance and the pharmacy you choose.  Without insurance, the costs can range anywhere from as little as $350 for a 13 gram 100 MCG/5 MCG inhaler to as much as $1,110 for a 39 gram 200 MCG/5 MCG inhaler.  Refer to our table below to see what an inhaler may cost you without insurance.  In comparison to competing brands, such as Advair and Symbicort, the prices seemed to be in the same range.

DosageAverage Price (without insurance)
100 MCG/5 MCG inhaler- 13 grams: $350
- 26 grams: $700
- 39 grams: $1,100
200 MCG/5 MCG inhaler- 13 grams: $350
- 26 grams: $700
- 39 grams: $1,100

How did you get these prices?  We referenced the Costco pharmacy database and also called Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Sam’s Club to see what the inhaler would cost without any insurance coverage.  We then took these numbers and created our average above.  Remember, these are the prices without any insurance coverage and/or discounts applied, which we will get into below.

As for health insurance, it appeared the coverage would be mixed, with 45% of Medicare Part D plans covering the drug, for example.  Being a toss-up, it’s hard to determine exactly if your health insurance policy would cover this particular inhaler as some companies have a preferred brand.  To know for certain if your inhaler would be covered, either talk with your health insurance company directly or see if you can access an online pricing database on their official website.  If your insurance company does cover the drug, the reported co-pay range was said to be in the $18 to $350 range based on some insurance databases we did explore.

How to save on Dulera

Manufacturer coupon

The official manufacturer of the drug, Merck, offers the Multiuse Savings Coupon, which can reduce your out-of-pocket costs to as little as $15 as long as you qualify.  To see if you qualify, follow this official link, fill out the form, and if approved, you can activate it online to take to your pharmacy.  At the moment, it appears the program is available to those with commercial coverage only and can only be used for up to 12 times a year.

Patient assistance program

Aside from the official manufacturer coupon offered by Merck, they also offer the Merck Helps program, which is a patient assistance program designed to help most people with either limited incomes and/or those without a health insurance policy.  Like the coupon, to see if you qualify, the company asks that you follow the instruction page and fill out the form, asking your doctor if you need help to do so.  Submitted by either mail or fax, if you end up qualifying, you could receive your medication at no cost.  While the program is designed for those with a limited income, some patients with either Medicare or private health insurance may still qualify.

Merck isn’t the only assistance program as we did find others via a search as well, such as Prescription Hope that claimed to work as a value-added program to many insurance programs, where you could pay as little as $50 a month.

Special offers

At the time of this publishing, Merck offered a free trial offer, but according to the fine print, not all patients were eligible.  On this special offers page, aside from the free trial, the company could help sign you up to receive information on ways to control your asthma and connect you with support organizations that can help you cope with your current situation.

Third-party prescription coupon website

Third-party prescription coupon websites, such as GoodRX.com, can help you save up to 70%, greatly depending on the prescription you have.  To use these websites, you type in your drug name, find the dosage you need and click the “get free coupon” next to the pharmacy you want to use.  On the website, it will tell you the price you will pay, and if you do decide to use it, you can only use it on its own, not in conjunction with your private health insurance plan and/or public assistance if you have it.  Even if you have health insurance, you may find the coupons are a cheaper option, so it doesn’t hurt to research before getting your prescription.

Dulera side effects

Possible side effects, while using Dulera, can include dry mouth, a stuffy noise, hoarseness and/or a runny/stuffy nose.  If any of these side effects become severe, contact your doctor immediately.  Other reported side effects include wheezing, headaches, white patches/sores on the inside of your mouth, trouble sleeping, blurred vision, tremors, cramps and a fever.  This is not a full list; for more information on side effects, refer to this FDA guide.

Tips to know

This medicine is unable to relive an asthma attack that already started, according to MedicineNet.

Dulera is available in the following strengths:  5 mcg-100 mcg/inh and 5 mcg-200 mcg/inh.  Always use this medication as prescribed by your doctor.

At the time of this publishing, there is no generic available.

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