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The E-Z Breathe system is a maintenance free unit designed to keep your indoors free from excessive moisture, toxins, mold, allergies and poor air quality, resulting in a healthier living environment.  The company claims it offers power ventilation, all while supporting the EPA’s recommendations for a ventilated system.

How much does EZ Breathe cost?

Via the official website, the costs of the ventilation system is not listed on the website; instead, it asks for you to contact the company via the “buy now” button as you will need a customized quote for your current setup.  The only thing mentioned in terms of costs was the energy costs, which, according to the website, could cost an additional $2 to $4 per month to operate. While we were not able to find definite prices on the official website, we did find some quotes via third-party resources online, which we will share below.

The costs, from what we did see, would depend on the product purchased as each system can have its own price point.  For example, on this Hearth.com forum thread, one member said her friend was quoted $1,500 for a system, while another member on this Houzz thread confirmed the same price.

How the E-Z Breathe system works

With most homes, they work on a closed loop system, which means the home will recirculate the same air over and over again, building up contaminants in the meantime, which unfortunately leads to smells, odors, mold, moisture and allergies, to name a few.  At certain levels for some, it can oftentimes become hazardous, causing health problems that may require frequent doctor visits.

According to the company’s official website, the ventilation system works by air exchange, which means it will exhaust the stale air indoors, as well as the contaminants and moisture that comes with it, and replace it with fresh air.  Even though the system is installed in one room, it is able to draw air from the entire home, creating a healthier atmosphere.

In the end, the system will help remove any harmful contaminants, control moisture levels, bring in fresh air and heat/cool to a comfortable level.

Products available

Basement ventilation system:  The basement system focuses on exhausting the water vapor at its source, helping reduce the chances of mold, mildew growth and any health risks commonly associated with dirty basement air.  As basements are usually cooler in temperatures, this ventilation system will help ventilate the space by drawing in fresh air into the space, keeping the area warm in the winter months to help reduce any toxins in the air.

Crawlspace ventilation system:  The crawlspace option, as per the company, can offer a variety of benefits, such as reduce mold/mildew, removing gallons of water vapor, reducing the odors, protecting your foundation from decay and even removing the airborne particles like radon, to name a few.  The system works by removing damp contaminated air from the crawlspace, where the intake fan will then push the air from upstairs into the crawlspace to help create a natural stack effect.

Garage space ventilation system:  The garage space ventilation option helps expel polluted air, reverse the natural flow of the air inside your garage and ventilate it, creating an air exchange.  With 74% of carbon monoxide detectors trigged via pollutants and toxins leaking into the home from the attached garage, this system can help push this unwanted air to the outside of your home, essentially reversing the natural flow as mentioned.

Balanced air ventilation system:  This hybrid newer system can bring in fresh air, filter it and then circulate to create a balanced indoor living environment.  This new system, according to the company, delivered all of the benefits an ERV and HRV system does but at a fraction of the cost.

Tips to know

The unit, as per AquaGuardWaterProofing.com, noted it will be installed on the lowest level of your home on an interior wall.  Since it’s quiet and has a nice finished appearance, it can be placed inside of any room.

Reviews – what are people saying?

With the exception of the official company’s website, it was hard to find reviews, with the exception of the Hearth.com thread mentioned prior.  The only thing noted here was that members recommended you compare the price of a dehumidifier, especially if you needed to dehumidify your basement.

A home contractor on JustAnswer.com said the system could be okay, but he could not find much information on the product, but in the end, he stated homeowners, as another option, should consider exhaust fans, waterproofing sealers and/or cleaners if mold is present.

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