How Much Does an Ear Piercing Cost?

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Many factors will come into play when you need to get your ears pierced.  Some factors include the company performing the piercing, how many that are going to be done and more.

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How much does an ear piercing cost?

To get each ear pierced, the average price is going to range from $5 to as much as $25.  The cost will depend on the retailer/professional, if jewelry will be included and the number of piercings you need at once.  Some retailers, such as Claire’s, will do it for free if you purchase a starter kit, which retails for about $25.

To get both ears pierced, a company may include a special discount.  This price range will vary from $15 to $100+.

To get more than 2 piercings in one sitting, the price will vary from $5+ per ear.

Ear piercing types


Similar to the tragus, it will be done on the outer side of the ear, the opposite of the ear’s tragus.


This piercing is pierced through the middle part of the outer rim of the ear.


A conch piercing will puncture through the cartilage, and there are two types available:  the inner and outer.


Done on the innermost cartilage fold, this piercing will pass through the ear’s cartilage, similar to the tragus piercing, but the position will be different.

Double lobe piercing

As the name states, this is a double piercing in the earlobe.  One piercing will be placed in the standard area, while the other will be placed a pinch higher.  With this piercing, some opt to include a stud or ring.

Forward Helix

Similar to the helix, this will be positioned near the upper part of the ear, but it will be in the inner part of the ear.

Graduate Lobe

This is a combination of three piercings which gradually go up the lower lobe of the ear.


This piercing will be done at the upper and outer part of the ear.


A variation of the two helix piercings, this is done by placing two holes in the upper and in the inner and outer part of the ear.


This unique piercing is done by perforating a hole on the upper inner part of the ear.


A snug piercing is in the inner ear, adjacent to a helix piercing.  It may also be referred to as an anti-helix.

Standard lobe piercing

This is the most original piercing.  The earlobe will be the softest part of the ear and will cause the least amount of pain.


The term “tragus” comes from the tragus of the ear, which is the smaller flap of cartilage over the earlobe.


This is done by piercing horizontally at an angle rather than directly into the ear.

Ear piercing chart



Ear piercing overview

Piercings can be done at a local retailer or tattoo parlor.

Before the piercing starts, the artist will disinfect the area to ensure that it is as clean as possible.  This will also help prevent any types of bacteria from entering your system.

A care package should be included once the procedure is done.  This will include after-care instructions.

Some companies may also include a coupon or a free set of earrings.

What are the extra costs?

An ear cleaning kit may need to be purchased afterward.  This should cost less than $10.

Upgrades for jewelry after the procedure is done will cost extra.

Most of the time, jewelry will have to be purchased afterward.  Jewelry, such as earrings, can range anywhere from $10 to $200+ depending on the type of jewelry. has a guide on what their earrings cost in their store.  For example, they have a 3mm ball made of 14kt yellow gold that retails for $36.50.

Tips to know:

When considering getting your ears pierced, make sure that you research the company.  Doing a quick search online can yield some good results in terms of reviews as well as how clean the company is.  Oftentimes, it may best to choose a local professional who specializes in piercings rather than the big retailers.

Once your ears are pierced, plan on rubbing the newly pierced area with rubbing alcohol for a few days.  Be sure to avoid touching the area.  The entire healing process can take up to eight weeks.

Be sure to check the earring each and every morning to ensure that it isn’t becoming infected or tangled with the ear.

Be sure to change your pillowcases before going to bed so no bacteria is present on your old sheets.

When should you pierce babies ears?  Experts recommend you should wait until your baby has received two tetanus vaccines and when they are old enough to take care of their piercings.

Types of ear piercing jewelry:

Banana Barbell

This is similar to a barbell.  One side will have a permanent ball, and the other side will have a ball that screws in.  The barbell will have a slight curve.

Captive Bead Ring (CBR)

This is a ring that has a gap to the left.  This ring will be inserted into the ear.  It will sit in the gap once the jewelry is in the ear.


These are short cylinder-shaped piercings that have flared ends or rubber rings that hold them in place.


Known as one of the most popular pieces of jewelry, this stud has a butterfly clip back that clips through the ear.  These types can easily become clogged with hair and dirt.

How can I save money?

Most artists will give discounts on those that have more than one piercing.

Repeat customers may also receive a discount.

Browse for coupons in the local newspaper, or look for special deals going on at the time.

Bigger groups may also get a discount.  Try to go to the shop with more than one person to see if they will offer a deal.

Some stores may offer a piercing for free for those who purchase the jewelry in their stores.

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  1. Kelsey Laymon (Oneanta,  New York) paid $ and said:

    Around $20 for piercings at Clairs. They may also charge differently depending on weather you get a lobe or cartilage piercing. 4 out of 6 of my piercings I had done there and they do pretty good.

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