How Much Does a Stress Test with Echo Cost?

According to statistics, the leading death-causing illness in the United States is heart disease.  The heart’s main function is pumping blood to the lungs and allowing blood to circulate throughout the human body.  Various heart diseases can incapacitate the heart.

With the availability of advanced technology, doctors today can easily do a heart examination and identify the disease simply by listening to the heartbeat and analyzing blood pressure.  This has become feasible by the very comprehensive echo stress test.

The symptoms most heart patients experience may be minimal, and the heart may appear to be normal in an ECG test; this is because different heart diseases are likely to remain cloaked in our heart to surface only when triggered.  For that reason, a more cutting-edge test is essential to comprehend the heart’s current state.  In order to find out if the heart is in good condition, the echo stress test exposes it to stress.  The heart will be conclusively subjected to artificial stress which helps in determining cardiac fitness.

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