How Much Does an Echocardiogram for a Cat Cost?

Although there are numerous causes of heart murmurs in cats, the most common feline cardiac disease is cardiomyopathy.  This disease affects the heart muscle and, over time, triggers it to enlarge, causing damage and becoming less proficient at pumping blood.  During a physical exam, a veterinarian will listen intently to your cat’s heart with an amplified stethoscope, and he or she will then try to determine the cause of the murmur in order to provide enhanced treatment.

A cardiac ultrasound, known as an echocardiogram, or an “echo,” is needed to exclude progressive heart disease. It quantifies the heart’s wall thickness and determines the chamber sizes.  It can also identify motion to study the heart’s capability to circulate blood. Most cardiac problems in cats can be cured if detected prematurely.

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