How Much Does an Echocardiogram for a Dog Cost?

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An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart and, a canine echocardiogram is an ultrasound procedure designed solely for dogs. It is the most helpful test for assessing a heart murmur.

With this ultrasound, a veterinarian is able to visualize the activity within a dog’s heart in its chambers and in the valves.   This test can either discard or validate a diagnosis of various illnesses.  More so, it can test the amount of leakage and the gravity of the defect if detected.

While many larger veterinary hospitals have their own ultrasound equipment, secondary practices do not. Veterinary specialists, with conveniently transportable ultrasound equipment, go to different clinics on a fixed timetable to perform this procedure, so if your vet’s office offers it, it may be available during certain days of the month.out the study.

How much does an echocardiogram for a dog cost?

On average, expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $800 depending on the size of the dog and where it’s being done.   Some vet clinics may charge an office examination fee on top of this, adding another $50 to $100 to this price range.

Hezi Aris on the Yonkers Tribune noted a colleague had paid $800 for their dog’s echocardiogram and an additional abdominal sonogram.

Echocardiogram for a dog overview

During the procedure, the hair of the dog’s chest will more than likely be clipped.  Once clipped, the dog will be placed on their side so the vet can have easy access to the heart.  A conductive gel will then be placed on a probe that is then attached to the ultrasound equipment.  Waves will be transmitted from the probe to the machine as the examiner moves the probe between the ribs, allowing the vet to get a clear image of the heart in 3D.

The results will allow the examiner to evaluate the function and entire structure of the heart.  This test can help detect birth defects, diseases, tumors and even fluid around the heart.

This procedure will take 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

The canine cardiac ultrasound, the results, analysis and any final diagnosis should all be included in the price estimate mentioned above.

What are the extra costs?

In most cases, if a dog is even-tempered and agreeable, the ultrasound will be done without having to administer sedation or anesthesia.   But if the dog needs to be sedated, additional fees may apply.

Emergency-based tests could increase the costs by more than three times the amount.  As mentioned above, your local vet will only be able to perform this test a few times a month if they don’t have the appropriate equipment.

Tips to know

Consult with your vet to find out if the dog has to fast before the process.  Most clinics will give you a paper to take home to help you prepare.

Any growths discovered by the ultrasound test are subject to surgical extraction to check for malignancy.  In this case, you will have to pay extra for the extraction.

The process isn’t painful and usually won’t require any medication after the test was performed.

An echocardiogram can’t be used to analyze the lungs.

How can I save money?

Contact several local veterinarians nearby and ask about their charges and fees.  Most should be able to offer a simple estimate over the phone.

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    exam and echo

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