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Elite Singles deems themselves as “a professional dating site for busy American singles,” claiming that they will be able to help you find a like-minded individual, regardless of their age, sexual preference, religion and race.

When compared to other dating related websites, Elite Singles will ask members to fill out a detailed questionnaire, in which they will then send you potential matches, usually up to seven per day.

With “Elite” in the name, the company claims more than 80% of its members hold more than a bachelor’s degree, meaning there’s a good chance they are just as busy as you are.

Elite Singles Cost
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How much does it cost to join Elite Singles?

The price of an Elite Singles membership, like any dating site, will greatly depend on how long you commit to the service.  In order to receive daily matches on the service, you will have to sign up for an account in order to view them.  Refer to our table below to see what you be responsible for if you do decide to sign up.

DurationBasic (per month)Premium (per month)
1 month$59.95$69.95
3 months$34.95 ($104.85 one-time fee)$39.95 ($119.85 one-time fee)
6 months$24.95 ($149.70 one-time fee)$29.95 ($179.70 one-time fee)
12 months$17.95 ($215.40 one-time fee)$19.95 ($239.40 one-time fee)

Basic vs. premium membership

Profile CreationXX
Partner MatchingXX
Upload PhotosXX
Receive MessagesXX
Unlimited MessagesX
Photo ViewingX
Frequent SuggestionsX
Mobile App AccessX
Confirmation of Read MessagesX
Detailed ProfileX
"Have you met..." FeatureX

How does Elite Singles work?

The website asks about 200 questions, all based on what’s known as the Big Five personality traits or the five-factor model (FFM), a model developed by Paul Costa and Robert McCrae.  As this test is quite long, the website does not require you fill out the entire questionnaire in one sitting; instead, they do allow you to log out as you please, but you will need to fill it out in its entirety within 15 weeks of signing up.  While they do not claim how the algorithm works, they claim it’s based on more than just your personality as other common denominators and characteristics can alter the results.

When you complete the lengthy test, you will then be able to back, if you choose, in the future, to change/edit your answers as you see fit, but in the beginning, the company does ask you answer as honest as you can to ensure you’re being matched to the appropriate person.  As long as you’re considered a paying premium member, then you will be able to review these results under your dashboard setting.

After completion, the website, using a complex “scientific matching algorithm” will use these results and help match you with potential members who have similar traits to your test, offering you the best chances of a successful relationship, and as mentioned in our intro, they will send up to seven matches per day, specifically focusing on personality results:  the distance from you, your preferred age range, relationship preference and if they have kids, to name a few.  Also, the more active you are on the website, the more results you may be able to receive as well, but if you fail to remain active, it appears they may limit your matches or not send any at all.

Reaching out to the matches

Once matched, you can communicate in four ways:  via smiles, 5 questions, likes/disikes and/or sending a message.

Smiles – This tends to be the first step and involves simply sending a smile to someone, letting them know you simply have an interest.  It works just like sending an emoticon via a text message.

5 Questions – With this portion, you can select five questions from a list of about 50 and when sent, the person you send them to will answer them.  According to the website, this sort of acts like an icebreaker to get you talking with your potential match.

Likes and dislikes – Like the 5 questions portion, you can also sent a list of habits and characteristics you’re looking for in a match, and with this information, you can compare the two to see how you match.

Sending a message – As indicated, you can simply send a message just like an e-mail, indicating anything you want to say.

Tips to know

The company does offer a three-day back guarantee on all of its memberships.  If you want to make sure the service is worth it, we recommend signing up for the three days and taking full advantage of the features to see if it’s worth it to you.  If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, then they will refund your membership without a hassle.  To take advantage of the trial, you can do so by signing up and reading the fine print.

Your membership will be auto-renewed unless you cancel your membership in your “my membership” dashboard.

The cons of the website, from what we researched, included “fake” matches as soon as you signed up, prompting you to sign up to see them and in some instances, the matches were much further than the radius you marked.  Others noted the price was high in comparison to other dating websites, while some even said the customer service didn’t act like human beings, making it frustrating to get an exact answer.

Even though a fair majority of the members here have a bachelor’s degree or higher, you do not need one in order to quality for the service.

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