How Much Does a Elks Club Membership Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 10, 2018

The Elks Club is one of the oldest and largest fraternal organizations in the United States.

Founded in 1868, more than 1.2 million members have joined in over 2,000 communities.

How much does an Elks Club membership cost?

A membership is open to American citizens who believe in god and are older than 21, and the cost of an Elk Club membership will greatly depend on the geographical location.  Most locations, from what we researched, will have a $50 to $75 application fee and annual fees can be anywhere from as little as $30 to more than $500.  Initiation fees can be as little as $50 to more than $1,000.  Again, it’s going to depend on the geographical location, and most of the time, initiation fees are going to be less than $200 and monthly dues are rarely over $20.

For example, the Elks Club in Pennsylvania charges a $75 initiation fee and $40 for the year.

In Honolulu, a Yelp member stated their local Elks Club charged a $1,000 initiation fee and $25 per month.

Elks Club membership overview

Elks members enjoy various privileges, including dinners on various nights, lunches throughout the week, occasional dancing and karaoke music and inexpensive drinks, but each club will have its own amenities, so it’s always best to check the official website of the local Elks Club to see what’s included with a membership.  Most clubs will post its amenities and events calendar online.  For example, the Elks Club #496 offers dining options, karaoke, flat panel televisions, a game room with a pool table, a shuffleboard table and dart boards.

What are the extra costs?

Meals and drinks can be an additional cost, but the Elks Club, as you may or may not know, is known for its cheap drinks and food.  For example, beer and wine can be less than $3.

Holding a private event, such as a wedding, can be an additional cost to consider.

Tips to know

Membership is by invitation only. The club, on average, takes about two months to approve a new membership application. The applicants appear before the Elks Investigating Committee and admitted members have to undergo initiation and indoctrination.  To become a member of the club, you must live in the jurisdiction and will need two co-sponsors who are current members.  After an application is filled out, it will be forwarded to an Investigation Committee, and once received, a time and date will be set up for an interview.  After the interview is conducted, most applicants will receive a response within 10 days to two months.

As part of the Elks National Foundation, this club also contributes towards annual awards of over $3 million for college scholarships. These scholarships include the Most Valuable Student Grant, Vocational Grants, Emergency Grants and Legacy Grants. Members can also apply for these scholarships to save money.

The Elks Club provides many no-cost programs that are used in schools to create opportunities for enriching student lives and provide a better education. The young people in the club are partners in various Elks community service programs.  For example, the Drug Awareness Program provides schools and communities with material to encourage young people to make healthy and smart lifestyle choices with regards to drugs and alcohol abuse.

As part of the community outreach program, Elks Club supports arts programs, youth athletics, 4-H programs and Boys and Girls Clubs. The Club often acts as a meeting place for Scout troops. The aim of these programs, according to the club, is to ensure that no child is forgotten or ignored.

To find a club near you, visit

To find out what happens at the Elks initiation, this YouTube video shows the initiation of a member at the lodge in Suffolk County.

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