EMP 180 Weight Loss Cost

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EMP 180 Weight Loss, according to the company, is a personalized weight loss program designed for every lifestyle, allowing you to reset your health and teach you the necessary skills to obtain and maintain your EMPowered Weight forever.

With specialists located in Vienna, Virginia, Woodbridge, Virginia & Rockville, Maryland, EMP 180 Weight Loss teaches you how to learn how to use food as fuel as well as find the right exercise program to help fit your lifestyle.

EMP 180 Weight Loss Cost
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How much does Emp 180 Weight Loss cost?

The official website of the company, emp180weightloss.com, doesn’t display its pricing; rather they ask you to call the company directly at 855.888.0180, and even if you do not live in the Virginia or Maryland area where they offer locations, they do offer a remote client program that allows you to participate in the program, regardless of where you live.

Even though the official website did not post prices, we were able to find some people who shared their experiences online, stating they had to pay about $4,700 to $5,800 for the program, according to the company’s Facebook reviews.  To learn about these prices, though, the reviewers also noted you would have to pay a $30 consultation fee to learn more about the program and how it works.  These prices did come from the reviews and cannot be guaranteed, however.  For more information in regards to pricing, we highly encourage you to contact the company directly for more information on pricing and dieting information.

An anonymous member on this DcUrbanMom.com forum thread stated they paid $285 a week, which would include most of the food, minus the dinner as well as the counseling, coaching and the use of the vibration/oscillation platform.

How does the Emp 180 Weight Loss work?

In-person Program

According to the company, the program will focus on “combining the most advanced nutritional sciences behind weight loss” and will teach you how to lose the weight for good, helping you make the right food choices, prepare meals at home, choosing the right foods at restaurants and scheduling proper meal times.   In the program, they will apply these techniques and address the emotional and physiological reasons which often lead to weight gain, all while the company creates a customized plan just for you.

During your time with the program, a personalized coach will help you learn the EMP inner coaching technique one on one, which is said to help you address both the psychological and emotional causes of your overeating as of today.  Aside from this, your coach will help teach you ways to think positively and help award yourself in doing so, plus help you with choosing the right foods, preparing meals at home with the right meal plans and teaching you how to pick out the right foods while eating out.

Besides meeting with a personal coach, the weight loss program also staffs a personal weight loss and nutritional coach who will meet with you once a week to help you with your nutrition, weight loss and overall long-term health, ultimately helping walk you through the process and teach you how to continue your healthy habits for life.  The company also includes innovative technologies, such as the vibration/oscillation platform and EMpowered audio program, which is designed to help address the client’s sub-conscious behaviors that often lead to unhealthy eating habits.

Remote Client Program

The Remote Client Program, which is a program available to those who cannot make it to a physical location, allows you to lose weight at home.  Upon signing up for the program, the company will send you a scale, the EMP audio program and all of the necessary items required for your personal coach to help you succeed.  Every week, clients will meet with their coach either via video or audio and ask the same questions and receive the same advice as they would in an in-person meeting.  Weekly shipments of the EMP 180 food products are sent out as well.

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