How Much Does Epic Certification Training Cost?

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The Epic Systems is one of the top technologies that are used to keep and manage electronic health records (EHR).

Since 1979, Epic provides a medical records database solution to medium and large sized hospitals.

With the increase in the number of hospitals and healthcare institutions who use Epic systems, being Epic certified can give a boost to your IT career in the health industry within a given module.

How much does Epic certification cost?

To become an Epic certified professional, you must first understand that the process can be strict and not everyone can just walk in and take a proctored exam.  In order to study and test with them directly, you have three possible routes to consider.  The first route is simply by getting hired with the company at their Verona, Wisconsin headquarters.  Experts note that they tend to hire from college students with recent degrees and a high GPA, but this step is often the toughest one to consider.  A second route is via a hospital who either has Epic installed or is willing to sponsor you for the certification process.  This step, according to most professionals, will be your best bet, especially if you’re already working with the said hospital willing to sponsor you.  The third step is similar to the first step, but instead of applying to the Epic organization, you would apply with a consulting firm that specializes in Epic projects.  With that being said, since you will have to be sponsored in order to be certified, the hospital will more than likely shoulder all costs.

The types of Epic Modules

ASAP – Emergency Room

Beacon – Medical Oncology

Cadence – Scheduling and Tracking Patient Appointments

Cupid – Cardiology

EpicCare Ambulatory/Inpatient: Clinical Documentation, Order Entry, E-Prescribing

Kaleidoscope – Ophthalmology

OpTime/Anesthesia – Scheduling and Documentation for Surgical Procedures

Prelude/ADT – Patient Registration System

Radiant – Radiology

Stork – Obstetrics

Willow (Inpatient and/or Outpatient) – Pharmacy

Which is going to be included?

Epic will require anyone who is working on the implementation has to be certified, and as mentioned, hospitals will sponsor their own staff for the certification process.  In order to become certified, in-depth training sessions and hands-on mock implementation processes will be completed at the Epic headquarters located in Madison, Wisconsin.  At this time, this is the only location where you can successfully receive your certification.  Upon training, you must pass the proficient test for one of the Epic modules mentioned above in order to become successfully certified.

Depending on the module being studied, it can take a varying amount of times and is often unpredictable.  According to someone on who did go through the training, each class is three full days, with a total of three tests and two projects per module.

What are the extra costs?

Seeing you will have to train at the Wisconsin headquarters, you will need to factor in any travel expenses outside of what your employer isn’t willing to compensate.

Tips to know:

Most certified professionals, soon after receiving their certification, can see a salary ranging from $65,000 to $110,000 a year, while consultants can make up to $115 an hour.

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