How Much Does an Escalator Cost?

An escalator is an electric power-driven, nonstop moving flight of steps meant to transport pedestrian traffic up and down short distances.  Despite his lack of a working model of the design, a patent solicitor by the name of Nathan Ames is credited for holding the patent of the first escalator in 1859.

His invention, which was then called the “revolving stairs,” had steps mounted on a continuous belt.

Today, the escalator is such a common sight that people rarely even think about its history or the cost.

Escalators are commonly used in shopping malls, department stores, transit systems, airports, hotels, convention centers, and other public buildings.

Although an elevator can do the same job, transporting people from floor to floor, it is sometimes impractical and takes too long.  An escalator, however, can continuously transport people without having to wait.

Escalators by micah.d, on Flickr
Escalators” (CC BY 2.0) by  micah.d 

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