How Much Does a Car Exhaust Install Cost?

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Whether you want to upgrade your exhaust to an aftermarket exhaust system or you need to replace it due to a faulty part, the costs can greatly depend on a few factors.

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How much does car exhaust installation cost?

The costs of installing an aftermarket or new exhaust will depend on the car you drive, the type of exhaust and where you’re having it installed.  If using a mechanic, be prepared to spend about $75 to $200 to install it and another $25 to $1,000+ for the parts, depending on the type of exhaust.  Refer to our table below to see what common exhaust systems may cost:

Type of ExhaustPrice
Cat-back$300 to $1,000, depending on the steel thickness and the quality.
Axle-back$300 to $1,000
High performance$100 to $300, depending on the materials and thickness.
Tips$25 to $100 per tip. This is an optional add-on if you wanted to replace the tip other systems came with.

NOTE:  These prices are for the parts only.   The labor costs, most of the time, are fairly straight forward.  To budget, add another $100 to $250 to the costs above to budget properly.

A forum member on this forum thread claimed they were quoted $130 at their local mechanic to install a cat-back exhaust.

Another forum thread on had a member who talked about his experience with five mechanics he received a quote from.  His quotes ranged from as little as $120 to as much as $250 for just the install.

Tips to know:

Most systems, such as a cat-back or axle-back system are often very low since these systems can bolt on and simply replace the existing factory hangars, requiring no modifications.

Stainless steel tips, according to, are resistant to corrosion but won’t shine up as nicely as chrome.  Also, they are like to “blue” out over time or even change colors.  The same can be said about a titanium material.  If you want a shiny look, chrome is a wise choice, but if you don’t mind shining the tip every so often and need something that’s extremely resistant to the outdoor elements, then stainless steel may be a better option.  The main difference, in the end, will be the durability factor.  Stainless steel can last a lifetime due to their ability to resist corrosion.

How can I save money?

Some local retailers may install the exhaust system if you purchase it them for free.  Talk with a few suppliers in your area to see if any of these promotions exist.

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