How Much Does an Exhaust Leak Repair Cost?

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The exhaust pipe is something easily recognizable on a vehicle – it is the pipe that sticks out the rear of the car.

This exhaust pipe is responsible for getting rid of exhaust gases that result from the engine running.

If the exhaust pipe is malfunctioning, there will be a few things that will more than likely happen.  First, the car will make loud pops and can just be louder in general.  Second and most importantly, the exhaust from an engine contains carbon monoxide.  If this gas is leaking into your car as a result of a broken exhaust pipe, the results can be deadly.  Because of this, it is vital to find a service provider that can effectively repair a problematic exhaust pipe before the damage worsens and causes further issues.

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How much does it cost to fix an exhaust leak?

To throw in the labor, you should be prepared to spend $125 to $350 for the labor and parts if you were to replace the exhaust pipe only.  The costs will depend on the car you drive, where you live and the geographical location.  However, if the mechanic were able to weld and/or apply a sealant to the leak, then the costs could be as little as $30 to $60.

At Midas, for example, they had quoted $145 to $225 over the phone, dependent upon the factors mentioned, but this quote was for a welding job if it were an option.

A mechanic on said you should be prepared to pay $150 to $200 at most for just the pipe; however, if you were to need a catalytic converter and muffler, then the costs could jump to $500+

A forum member on Toyota Nation asked if $200 to $350 was a decent quote for a new flex pipe, and according to the responses, most recommended taking the car into a muffler shop to have them weld a new part on for about $150 to $200.

For the parts alone, exhaust pipe repair kits are going to cost anywhere from as little as $5 to as much as $75.  This will not include the professional labor costs.

At AutoZone, for instance, the parts, depending on the car you drive, can cost $15 to $45.

Exhaust leak overview

The exhaust pipe connects all the parts of the exhaust system, which includes the following: the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, resonator, muffler, and tailpipe.  All the discharges collected by the manifold are routed through the exhaust pipe.  When repairing an exhaust pipe, a mechanic will perform a full exhaust visual inspection, inspecting all of these parts, to assess the extent of the damage and determine the best way to fix it, which can be via a repair or complete replacement.

During the inspection, once the leak has been found, can usually be caused either by a small leak or a crack.  To fix it, a mechanic will either weld the affected area or a sealant may be used.  In some situations, the entire part will be removed and replaced.

The repair, depending on the car you drive, should take anywhere from two to three hours to fix.

What are the extra costs?

If the exhaust pipe isn’t the culprit, then it could be one of the other parts mentioned above, including the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, resonator and/or muffler.  If any of these parts were the culprit, then the costs could be much more than the estimates mentioned above.

How to check for an exhaust leak

How can I save money?

Take your car in as soon as you notice the symptoms mentioned above.  Even if you can’t afford it, it’s so important to stop driving as soon as possible as you’re going to cause more damage in the future, effectively increasing the price quite a bit.  For example, if you were to allow your exhaust to continue to leak, it could damage the intake manifold, another $400 to $650 repair.

If the leak can be welded and the mechanic can do it, then this will always be your cheapest option.  Keep in mind, however, that many dealerships won’t weld parts back together and will only recommend replacing the entire part, so it’s best to talk with a few muffler shops ahead of time.

A lot of mechanics or dealerships will offer coupons on their official website.  See if you can take advantage of any discounts before bringing your car in.

With any car repair, always call around to see what shops quote.  As long as you know for certain the exhaust pipe is the culprit, most shops should be able to offer a ballpark estimate over the phone.

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