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Eze-Breeze, a trusted porch and deck enclosure system, is a completely customized fitted system tailored to your home, and according to the company’s official website, they are now an authorized distributor, which means they make the Eze-Breeze 3 season room windows available directly to homeowners to purchase and install on their own.

Helping create three-season rooms for decades, Eze-Breeze, a family-owned business, they are considered to be the first and “best” porch, patio and deck enclosure windows, trusted across all of the United States and Canada.

How much do Eze-Breeze windows cost?

According to the official website of the Eze-Breeze, the answer is not as simple as you think as the windows are custom to your opening and many factors, regarding both the style and mounting preference, can affect your price estimate.  However, according to that page, they did note the larger units are less expensive per square foot than smaller units, and potential customers should be prepared to spend anywhere between $2,700 to $3,700 for an Eze-Breeze 4 track vertical outside mount unit, for example.

As for just a track venting window, the material costs can range anywhere between $75 to $175, whereas a cabana door with a kickplate retails as high as $550, according to Menards.

In this HandymanHowTo.com article, they claimed the price would depend on the style, with very little variation in the price.  According to the simple price sheet they did list, the costs could range anywhere from $55 to $60 for a trapezoid fixed lite Lip Frame to as much as $240 for a vertical four track panel, with his total cost being $3,000 for 19 windows and a Cabana door.

On this TheFunTimesGuide.com article, the author talked about what her parents had paid for their Eze-Breeze windows, with their 11′ x 24′ screened-in porch, equipped with 20 four-track windows with screens on the top portion and another 20 fully glazed windows on the half, costing them $4,000, including the installation.  Aside from the windows, the install price also included two non Eze-Breeze metal doors.

Prices sourced online... 
Modest sized porch (11x11) with only two sides needing windows -- total of 9 windows$6,000~SOURCE
7 large windows, one sliding door and one standard door.$3,200~SOURCE
All of the windows are 46.87 tall and the other windows are all 43" wide$215-$250 eachSOURCE
12 x 16 foot room$5,500SOURCE
(8) 60" x 75" windows$2,600 DIY installSOURCE
(9) 36" x 54" windows$230 eachSOURCE

Eze-Breeze product options

PGT Eze-Breeze™ sliding panel three season windows:  This unique three-season window unit, according to the company, has been installed by professionals for more than 35 years.  Known as a cost-effective solution for those looking to enclose their porch, deck, patio or hot tub, the Eze-Breeze™ sliding panel helps fill the disparity between the screen enclosures and the insulated season rooms.  This particular setup includes four sliding vents that are constructed to nest up or down over the attached screen and when you open it up in its entirety, you have 75 percent of the screen, but when you remove the vents, you have access to 100 percent of the screen.  When closed, you then have 100 percent protection from the outdoor elements such as pollen, wind and weather.

Vertical four-track panels:  Customized to any space, the clean lines and proportions can compliment any home decor, according to the official website.  These panels can either be raised or dropped smoothly to open up 75 percent of the window to allow in a breeze or can be removed in its entirety to be stored for the season.  The panels are able to tilt for easy cleaning and can be ordered in tinted colors to help reduce the solar heat gain.  All outside-based vertical four tracks will come with a screen attached, whereas the inside mount can come with or without the screen.

Slider panels:  Available in either a two- or four-track version, these full-length panels are able to motion back and forth with a touch of a button on its corrosion-free nylon rollers.  These panels can also be easily removed for storage and can be ordered in tinted colors for optimal comfort control.  According to the official description, the two-track version offers 50 percent ventilation, while the four-track version offers 75 percent ventilation.

Fixed windows:  Designed for a transom over a door or even an opening in the gable end of the roof, these fix windows can complement other Eze-Breeze products and are sometimes used on lower openings of the decks with pickets, to name a few.  The company does note that custom shapes are available for specific porch or enclosure needs.

Wall of windows:  Able to create an entire wall filled with windows, the Eze-Breeze wall of windows, built with a high-quality aluminum frame, can be custom built to fit lengths up to 240 inches wide.  The company’s description notes there are multiple configurations available, allowing you to create an all screen, all vinyl or a combination in between, for instance.  These panels, once installed, are able to glide easily on the large, neoprene wheels and are then able to latch securely into place.


As per the company, all windows are customized at their factory, ensuring an exact fit in each rough opening

All frames are made from a lightweight aluminum

The vinyl glazing, from afar, looks like glass and is tough, flexible and lightweight.  While the glazing can be punctured by a sharp object in some cases, it will not shatter or break

The vents, as explained in the descriptions above, can be raised or lowered in any position, allowing in 75 percent airflow or even removed 100 percent

Closing all of the vents can help keep any rain, dust, pollen or wind out

Tips to know

All Eze-Breeze products come with a 10-year warranty on the frames and a 10-year warranty on the vinyl, screen and the moving parts.

In general, when ordering from the factory direct, it can take anywhere from two to three weeks to receive the shipment, all depending on how busy they are.

The frame color choices for both the windows and doors can be made with white, beige, pebble khaki, or bronze, according to ArchGlass.com.  Most providers, from what we did research, would not charge an additional cost for a different frame color.

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