How Much Does a Fan Clutch Replacement Cost?

The fan clutch helps control how quickly the cooling fan spins against the radiator.  The hotter engine gets, the more the fan spins, but if it isn’t functioning properly, then the fan won’t spin the way it should, therefore, not providing the cooling the engine needs.  In most cases, it will either spin too much, wasting power from the engine or won’t spin at all, causing the engine to overheat.


New Fan Clutch by J Dueck, on Flickr
New Fan Clutch” (CC BY 2.0) by  J Dueck

How much does a fan clutch replacement cost?

Make/ModelAverage Price
BMW 330Ci$385 to $500
Dodge Durango$145 to $250
Ford F150$175 to $400
Ford Ranger$155 to $280
GMC Envoy$350 to $475
Jeep Cherokee$175 to $300
Nissan Pathfinder$195 to $325

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