Fandango VIP Club Cost

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With Fandango VIP, members can earn points, get movies on the company as well as get special insider perks, partner rewards and even the ability to get a refund on your movie ticket.

Launched in 2015, the program is only available in the United States.

Fandango VIP Club Cost
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How much does the Fandango VIP Club cost?

The costs of Fandango VIP, according to the official website, is a FREE program.  To join, the company asks for your first name, last name and a password, and once confirmed, your account will be activated, where you can start to earn points and additional perks every time you buy a movie ticket on the website.

How does Fandango VIP work?

The process is relatively simple.  Every time you purchase a movie ticket on the Fandango website, as long as logged in with your VIP account, the company will credit you points.  At the time of this publishing, for example, they would credit your account 150 points for every four tickets you purchase, and once you reach 600 points, Fandango would credit you with a $6 reward, which can then be used to buy movie tickets, stream movies or purchase gear.  As per the fine print, however, your $6 reward will expire 14 days after you earned your 600th point and you are not able to use your reward toward shipping and handling fees.

What’s included?

Every purchase made via Fandango nets you a certain amount of points, usually 150 points per four tickets purchased.  Once you hit a threshold, Fandango will then reward you with a credit that you can use on gear, movie tickets and/or streaming purposes.  This is said to change, however, as the program expands, according to

Members also receive insider perks such as discounted movie streams at home or exclusive movie gear.  The company also notes you can receive special discounts and even access to advanced screenings in your area.  For example, at the time of this publishing, we were able to purchase a home stream for $3.99.

VIP members are able to link their rewards card with other popular movie theatre reward cards such as the AMC Stubs, Crown Club, myHarkins Awards, MovieGoer Club, Extras, Reel Rewards, Cinemark Connections, Magical Movie Rewards and Disney Movie Rewards, to name a few.

All members are able to skip the line at the movie theater as long as the ticket is purchased online and refunds/exchanges are allowed up to the posted show time.

Tips to know

The company notes that your points will post to your account 24 hours after you watch the movie.

Pay very close attention to your reward expiration date as the points do expire fast.

You must be logged into your account in order to get the points.

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