How Much Does a Farm Tractor Cost?

A farm tractor can be considered the most necessary piece of farm equipment a farmer should have.  It performs a variety of farm tasks such as plowing, tilling, harrowing, shoveling, planting, hauling, transporting, lifting, and providing power supply.  A farmer may buy a tractor with enough horsepower to do the work needed.  When you buy a tractor with more horsepower, you also need to consider the cost of fuel and its impact on the soil.  Other factors you need to consider, aside from the price of the tractor, is the design, the size, other features and accessories that go along with it.

Tractors by Phil_Parker, on Flickr
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How much is it?

BrandHorsepowerAverage USED Cost
CASE IH175+$68,000
JOHN DEERE175+$72,000
FENDT 175+$58,000
NEW HOLLAND175+$55,000
VERSATILE 175+$30,000
CASE IH100 to 174$25,000
NEW HOLLAND100 to 174$28,000
MASSEY-FERGUSON100 to 174$15,000
KUBOTA 100 to 174$28,000
JOHN DEERE100 to 174$29,000
INTERNATIONAL 100 to 174$9,000
VALTRA 100 to 174$26,000
ALLIS-CHALMERS40 to 99$3,500
BRANSON 40 to 99$10,000
CASE IH40 to 99$12,000
MASSEY-FERGUSON40 to 99$8,000
MAHINDRA40 to 99$12,000
KUBOTA 40 to 99$17,000
JOHN DEERE40 to 99$11,500
INTERNATIONAL 40 to 99$3,500
NEW HOLLAND40 to 99$14,000
ZETOR 40 to 99$9,000
MAHINDRA <40$8,000
JOHN DEERE<40$6,000
KUBOTA <40$6,000
KIOTI <40$9,000
NEW HOLLAND<40$8,000
YANMAR <40$3,000

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know

How can I save money?

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