Fastbraces Cost

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Fastbraces®, as per the company, were designed to straighten teeth in a different way when compared to the braces we are used to hearing about.

A revolutionary system that is fast, safe and affordable, this complete, non-extraction system, for most cases, is changing the field of orthodontics.

Fastbraces Cost
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How much do Fastbraces® cost?

First, before the Fastbraces® system is even considered, your orthodontist will want to determine if you’re a candidate for the system.  During this time, your doctor will complete a comprehensive exam, take impressions as well take multiple x-rays to help him or her make an educated decision.  All of these tests and exams, depending on your doctor’s billing policy, may or may not be included in the final price tag.  If this was not included, this could add about $250 to $500+ to the total cost, but again, check with your doctor’s office to know the inclusions with the quote you’re told.

Outside of the examination, fittings and x-rays, the total price people paid online, without any dental insurance coverage, was in the $2,800 to $4,300 range.

As for insurance, in most cases, your insurance provider will cover the procedure just like they would traditional braces.  However, to be certain, always check with your local dentist office and/or insurance company to be sure before paying for the procedure.

Dr. Donald J. Sabourin, DDS, PLLC, and Dr. Joel Hayden, DDS, with locations in Troy, Michigan, and Saginaw, Michigan, for example, state, on their official website, that the complete system can cost up to $2,800, with in-house payment plans available for those who are interested.

One reviewer on, for instance, decided to document her process and noted the cost of her Fastbraces® in Atlanta, Georgia was $4,000, a price she expected.

How do Fastbraces® work?

According to, traditional braces will move your teeth in two phases, with the average candidate wearing their braces over a two year period.  During the first year, the crown tooth is moved into alignment, while during the second year, the treatment will address the position of the root.  With Fastbraces®, however, the system will work in a much different way, effectively using its patented technology that uses a triangular bracket and specialty shaped wire in order to correct the position of the root of the tooth, from the beginning of the treatment all the way to the end as a combination.

Crooked teeth simply mean your roots are not in the correct position, and with the Fastbraces® system, these braces are applied by using a wire instead squares, with the distance between the braces being almost double than the traditional braces you’re accustomed to seeing.  This extra space, in turn, can help increase the wire’s flexibility, allowing the root to straighten in less than a year, and in some cases — less than three months.

Every day, while wearing the Fastbraces®, you will need to apply a “tooth shampoo” for up to 20 minutes as retention is needed.  In some cases, patients may also wear a retainer at night while wearing them as well.

The entire process, from start to finish, will range anywhere from three to 12 months, depending on each individual’s treatment plan.

Tips to know

The pain tolerance, according to some research, has shown the technology can reduce the sliding friction, along with the pain, as compared to traditional braces.

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