Flagler Museum Wedding Cost

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The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, a unique wedding venue located in Palm Beach, Florida, offers an array of wedding options for soon-to-be couples.

In August of 1901, Henry Flagler, at the time, married Mary Lily Kenan and soon moved into their Whitehall estate, a 75-room contemporary arts palace, considered to be more wonderful than any other exclusive residence in the world at the time.

Today, the Whitehall is a National Historic Landmark and is available for future wedding parties.

Flagler Museum Wedding Cost
Palm Beach – Flagler House Museum” (CC BY 2.0) by corsi photo

How much does it cost to have a wedding at the Flagler Museum?

According to the official venue’s website, the wedding receptions held at the Flagler Museum are a “privilege of membership,” but event fees may be applicable, which are considered to be separate from the membership dues.  The membership dues, for an individual, start at $75, but a family can increase to $125, but according to reports online, couples had to purchase the $5,000 membership and pay another $5,000 for the event site fee, bringing the total to the event fee for about $10,000, however, this came from a few sources online and cannot be confirmed.  This would not include catering and drinks, and as we noted below, the museum does require you choose caterers, as well as other professionals, from its approved list to work with if you plan on getting married here.

Venue options

Grand Hall:  As per the official website of the venue, the Gilded Age Grand Hall, designed by the world famous architects, Carrere & Hastings, sprawls 4,800 square feet and is ideal for the cocktail hour and passed hors-d’oeuvres and/or an elegant reception.  An astonishing work of art, this venue space features marble throughout, opulent gold leif finishes, a double staircase and a world of historic art framed, showcasing the great cultures of Western Civilization.  If a reception is held in the Grand Hall, the website notes that guests can tour the main floor rooms, including the Ballroom, Drawing Room, Dining Room, Music Room and Library to explore the rich history and all of the museum’s collections.

West Room:  Originally known as the hotel’s main dining room, the West Room combines breathtaking lighting and admirable sound with architectural features such as decorative paintings, restored tiled floors, and stone sculptures, according to the venue’s description.  Featuring a glorious chandelier, 27-foot ceilings and an adjacent Lake Room, which overlooks the nearby Lake Worth and downtown Palm Beach skyline, the West Room can make for a grand entrance to any wedding reception.

Flagler Kenan Pavilion:  Somewhat newer, opening in 2005, the Flagler Kenan Pavilion can host larger functions, all while offering panoramic views of the nearby Lake Worth.  Ideal for both events, formal dinners and larger receptions, as per the website, the Pavilion was designed to evoke the opulence of a turn-of-the-century railway place.

Courtyard:  Exposed to the outdoors, the Courtyard, featuring a marble fountain and a reproduction of the memorable Venus Fountain, the Courtyard can cater to both small and large reception settings.

Tips to know

The venue does have a “required vendor list” for catering, audio/visual, lighting and floral/decor, rentals, valet, simply meaning you have to accept one of the vendors on the list if you plan on hiring one of these professionals.

The capacity of the venue, as per this MarriedinPalmBeach.com article, is up to 250 guests.

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