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The flywheel, a mechanical device commonly found in a car with a manual transmission, is responsible for generating energy from rotating and storing it for future use.  This part will make sure all of the manual gears are working as they should whenever the driver uses the clutch.

Also, in situations where the engine torque is occurring at irregular intervals, then the flywheel will be able to supplement with its stored energy.

When this part begins to fail, you may start to feel your gears slip as you change or in some cases, the gears may shift on its own.

Clutch and Flywheel Replacement Cost
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The reported flywheel replacement costs

The costs to repair a flywheel will greatly depend on the mechanic/dealer you use, your geographical location and the make/model of your vehicle.  From our research, the parts can greatly vary, ranging anywhere from as little as $40 to more than $300.   As for the labor, the replacement, including parts, can range anywhere from $400 to $1,300 in total. 

Since this part is located on the engine, a mechanic will have to spend a few hours, about four on average, tearing your car apart to take out the flywheel and replace it.  As you probably know, every hour a mechanic needs to work on your car, the more you’re going to spend since almost every shop will charge by the hour.  With the average shop charging $100 an hour, you could expect the labor costs, on average, to be in the $400 range.

Keep in mind that these are the costs for the flywheel part on its own and may not include other necessary parts which need to be replaced at the time of the repair.  If you did need additional repairs, then the costs, depending on these additional repairs, would greatly vary.  From what we saw online, multiple people needed their starter replaced as well, which added an additional $300 to $500 to the total.

Make/ModelPrice Reported (parts+labor)
Audi A4$950
Ford Expedition$550
Ford F-150$741
Ford Taurus$850
VW Jetta$1,100 (for flywheel and clutch)

On this forum thread, for example, a member said he was quoted $350 for a starter and another $450 to replace the flywheel.  He stated his mechanic could not determine if the flywheel needed replacement until they take out the starter and related components.

A member on this forum thread stated his local dealer quoted $950 for the starter, flywheel and fluids.

At, a visitor asked a question, claiming he received quotes anywhere from $600 to $1,000 and wanted to know if these estimates were accurate.

As for just the parts, the costs will depend on your type of transmission.  At AutoZone, for example, both manual and automatic transmission parts can cost about $50 to $115 on average, but again, this is for the part only.

The repair process

Once the flywheel is confirmed as the faulty part in question, the car will be hosted and the front wheels and wheel hubs of the car will be removed.

Next, the oil drain plug will be removed, allowing the oil to empty into an oil pan.

As the oil is being drained, the lug nuts, which are designed to hold the strut assembly in place, will be loosened in order for the mechanic to separate the struts.

From the transmission, the stabilizer rods, which are held together via pins on each rod, will be removed.

The wires, connected to the engine and lead to the battery, are then removed in order to successfully start removing the transmission.

Now, the transmission can be removed by loosening the bolts, and here, the mechanic will be able to locate the pressure plate the flywheel.  This pressure plate will be removed, along with the clutch disc and the flywheel.

From there, once all of these components are removed, the new flywheel will be installed and all parts will be put back together in reverse order.

Lastly, the engine oil will be refilled and the engine will be started to test the flywheel.  At this time, if any adjustments are required, they will be done at this time.

The average flywheel replacement, depending on the vehicle make/model, will take anywhere from five to nine hours to complete.

Symptoms of a poor flywheel

If the part is starting to go bad, one of the main symptoms you will feel will be a slipping of the gears whenever you’re shifting, often while shifting to a previous gear.  As time goes on, the gears may begin to shift on its own, out of your control, ultimately contaminating the engine oil due to pressure plate grinding.  This symptom, if felt, unfortunately, will never go away, and failing to ignore it will only make matters worse, and the longer you ignore it, the louder the grinding will become and more dangerous it may become to drive.

In some cases, a slight burning smell may be noticeable inside of the vehicle.  This smell is often due to the clutch being used unnaturally, either due to driver error or the flywheel.  As the clutch produces a lot of heat, the odor can become quite intense as time goes on if the flywheel is considered to be the culprit.  To confirm, it’s the part, not driver error, you will want to pay close attention to any shakes coming from the ground while shifting.  If you feel this, it could indicate the flywheel’s mounting feature is faulty, creating this vibration as the mount is designed to prevent this in the first place.

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