Franciscan Gardens Wedding Cost

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The Franciscan Gardens, located in San Juan Capistrano, California, is a private 5,000 square foot outdoor garden courtyard, highlighted by the Old California, Spanish-style decor and ambiance, surrounded by walls of flowers and tall trees to create a romantic experience for any wedding celebration.

Here, guests can dine and dance under the stars, all while viewing the panoramic views of downtown San Juan Capistrano.

Whether it’s a celebration during the day or the night, planning, according to the venue, is as effortless as possible.

Franciscan Gardens Wedding Cost
Franciscan Courtyard in the Church of th” (CC BY 2.0) by larrywkoester

How much does a Franciscan Gardens wedding cost?

The costs to rent the Franciscan Gardens, like most venues, will depend on the time of the year, the day of the week and the number of guests attending the wedding.  Based on these factors and according to the research we did do online, the rental fee can range anywhere $1,000 to $5,000+, a fee which would include up to six hours of even time, excluding the setup and the tear down time.  Additional hours are available for about $300 an hour.  Refer to the table below for additional information.

The fees mentioned above will not include the catering fees, and according to, the food and beverages, including alcohol, are handled by the venue’s exclusive owner, 24 carrots, and if you do plan on getting married on a Saturday, they do require a $10,000 minimum.  Other than that, the average fees for the catering, outside of the rental fee, seemed to be in the $35 to $55+ a person range for just the meals, with additional stations, alcohol, desserts and wedding cake cutting being an additional cost. states you should be prepared to budget about $16,750 for a 125-guest wedding when you factor in the food, alcohol, servers, additional staff and the taxes and service charges. states the average price per head can average about $90 to $200.

Peak Season (April-October)
Friday or Sunday$4,650
Saturday$5,500 ($10,000 minimum for catering required)

Off-peak Season (November-March)
Friday or Sunday$1,650

NOTE:  These were fees sourced from third-party sources online and cannot be guaranteed.  Only use as estimates only and contact the venue directly for exact prices as every wedding venue will vary with final costs.

What’s included in the rental fee?

Tips to know

The venue states the maximum capacity is 200 guests for both the reception and ceremony setup, whether indoors or outside.

Curfew is 12 a.m.

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