How Much Does a Freedom Boat Club Membership Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 9, 2018

fThe Freedom Boat Club is considered to be the largest boating club in the United States and offers a fun and unforgettable boating experience, minus the hassle and cost of having to buy your own boat, with many membership plans to choose from.

The Freedom Boat Club claims that they “believe that days do not have to be ordinary and boating should be an escape rather than a nuisance.  To us, boating is a way for people to relax, connect with friends and create powerful memories with family.”  Instead of having to care for and maintain a boat, you can simply reserve one for use.

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How much does a Freedom Boat Club membership cost?

Depending on the membership level and the location you choose, the costs of a Freedom Boat Club membership can range anywhere from $199 to $399 per month, with a one-time initial membership fee that can be in the $3,000 to $10,500+ range, again, depending on the location.  The weekday-only plans are often about $200 per month, while the weekday and weekend plans will be more, often around $400 per month.

Type of MembershipAverage Price (per month)
Unlimited boating year round with no restrictions$300~
Seasonal plan, which allows you to boat six months a year. This is a popular plan at the Florida locations.$200~
Weekday only plan, which only allows you to reserve a boat on a weekday.$225~
Friends and family plan, allowing you to add two couples total to a membership.$400~

NOTE:  Of course, this won’t include the initiation fee and monthly rates will vary from location to location.  Use this as a ballpark estimate.

One forum member on this forum thread claimed that it was $4,000 to join and cost $350 per month for up to three years, bringing the total close to $17,000.

At, one member had asked about the Freedom Boat Club on this forum thread.  According to one response, a member claimed they were a member for years now, paying $250 a month.

This FloridaToday article talked about a Freedom Boat Location that recently opened in Vero Beach, Florida.  According to the business description, members will pay a lifetime membership fee of $5,500 and then $249 per month.

At Yelp, Brian said that in order to become a member, you have to pay a one-time $3,500 initiation fee and either $199 per month for weekday only access or $275 per month for both weekday and weekend access.  He also said the initiation fees can greatly vary; for example, Miami can cost close to $9,000 in initiation fees while Tampa, being one of the cheapest locations, can be closer to $3,500 as he said.

Freedom Boat Club overview

The monthly fee will entitle a member to unlimited boating at their home port location and four outings a year at any of the 80+ locations throughout the world.   A member may have up to four active reservations at a time and can book as far out as six months in advance.

Freedom Boat Club boats range from 16 to 24 feet, including flats, skiffs, deck boats, pontoons, bow rides, sailboats, and kayaks, with almost all boats younger than three years old. All options will vary from location to location.

The club will clean, maintain, store and do all of the prep work on its fleet so you don’t have to.

The membership will also include a two-hour training class to learn how to operate the various boats in the fleet.

According to members, a two million dollar insurance policy along with a $2,500 deductible is included as well, but this may vary from location to location.

Aside from the boats, clubs will hold a dock party at least once a month, offering a member the opportunity to meet other members of the club.

What are the extra costs?

Fuel isn’t included in the costs.  Depending on the distance traveled and the current gas prices, most members pay $15 to $45 per outing.  As a rule of thumb, most boats in the fleet will burn three to five gallons of gasoline per hour.

A transfer fee, if you were to want to transfer to another location, can be done for about $500.

Tips to know

Most locations are open from sunrise until 5 p.m. on weekdays and from dawn to dusk on weekends.  Depending on the location, warmer climates will be open year-round, whereas colder climates will be restricted to the warmer months.  The weather conditions can often play a factor as well as to when the club is open for operations.

How can I save money?

Groupon, from time to time, does offer daily deals for the Freedom Boat Club.  For example, in the past, one club in Venice, Florida, offered a $149 trial membership.  Check out these daily deal websites to see if you can save.

Be sure to compare more than one location.  For example, in Florida, there are more than 10 locations, each offering its own pricing.  While most will offer a quote via email, some may ask for you to come in.  In some cases, it may be worth it to travel an additional 15 to 25 miles in order to save $50+ a month.

Promotions may be available, so it doesn’t hurt to ask before committing.  Some members have also had luck haggling on the initiation fee.

Check out Craigslist and eBay.  There are times when members will sell their membership at a discounted rate.  Since you do have to commit, often as much as three years at a time, some members simply don’t want to make payments anymore and are willing to get rid of them at a discount.

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